Super Bowl Party Planning Tips – Decorating and Food Preparation with Football on the Brain

To create a festive football atmosphere, you might consider some decorations for your home just in time for your Super Bowl party. You can make your own football rice krispie treats with cocoa krispies and marshmallows just like traditional rice krispie treats! (Photo courtesy of Bowl party decorations are easy to find and also easy to make if you are creative. Check your local dollar store, Wal-Mart, and other mass retailers for ideas and materials on decorating your home for the Super Bowl.

Also, when it comes to preparing your home to host a bunch of rowdy football fans, you should be prepared on so many levels. Most of all, you should be prepared to join in the fun! With that in mind, you’ll want to prepare foods that can be served out of crock pots if possible, or electric buffet servers, electric frying pans, etc. With a buffet line set up, you can truly make the most of your festive Super Bowl party.

For more Super Bowl party planning tips, read on to discover tips and suggestions on decorations and food preparation from our readers. You can learn a few tips and tricks on having a fun Super Bowl party with less hassle.

Decorating Your Home for Your Super Bowl Party
Decorating for a party – especially a Super Bowl party – makes such a big difference in the atmosphere. Even if you only go as far as decorating with both teams’ colors – or your preferred team’s colors – you can truly enhance the atmosphere of your Super Bowl party. Try these decorating tips for Super Bowl parties in your home.

“It’s easy to decorate for your Super Bowl party. Most supermarkets and stores like Target will have generic football decorations as well as decorations that represent your local team and the teams playing in the Super Bowl.”
– Cathy Copeland

“I like to have a party and use all football type serving ware. If you bend a cool whip type container into the shape of a football you can even make large cookies and decorate them with the teams.”
– Rosanne Morrison, IL

Food Preparation for Super Bowl Parties
As the host or hostess, you want to make sure you plan in some time for you to enjoy the party, too. Rather than spend your entire day in the kitchen, why not follow some of these tips for easier food preparation and serving styles for your Super Bowl party? Good luck!

“My tip is do has much as you can in advance – if possible make and freeze as much as you can- what you cannot make and freeze – if it is possible to make it the day before and then store properly.  This will save you a lot of worry and activities on the GAME DAY.”
– Clifton Wade, NC

Super Bowl parties are a blast with the right ingredients! (Photo courtesy of“My favorite Super Bowl party tip is to have lots of Pace Salsa on hand. You will need mild, medium, and hot. You will also needs lots of Tostitos chips. If you would like to have some variety you can always add the cheese salsa or you can just add Velveeta cheese to your Salsa and warm it up. I like the salsa better cold, but my son loves the cheese salsa heated up.”
– April Millwood, NC

“My best tip for a super bowl party is to organize the food ahead of time because everyone is always wanting to bring something to help out, so what I have done in the past and will do this year again is send out an e-mail to everyone who I’m inviting and a list of different categories, chips, dips, finger foods, soda, etc. and ask that when they reply to please reply to all so that everyone will have an idea of what’s going to be there and what we still need.  I usually end up taking whatever is left out from the list as well as worrying about the decorations and paper products. All my friends loved when I did this last year and it just made it so much easier to get everything together for the big day and no last minute trips to the grocery store to try and get something from the deli.”
– Kasey Proctor, FL

“My favorite tip is to have a pot luck with all you friends and family so that no one person has to slave away doing everything and you can enjoy the party with all your guests.”
– Joy Venters, OH

“Every year, we alternate hosting the party with our best friends, and each year, the food is themed.  Last year was Mexican, the year before that it was Italian. This year it’s “Comfort Food”. Having themed food adds such a fun element to Super Bowl!”
– Carol Dziuba, NJ

“My tip is that I always make one pot meals in crock pots. That way guests just help themselves whenever they are hungry.  The food stays hot for the duration of the game.”
– Marilyn Wons, FL

“The best tip for a Super Bowl party is to make sure you are well stocked.  Have a variety of drinks and the food should be good but gourmet.  And don’t forget the vegetarians in the crowd.”
– Carolyn Gonzalez, NC

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Thanks to our readers for these fabulous Super Bowl party planning tips!

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