Wedding Photography Tips for Destination Brides

When it all comes down to it, destination weddings are a completely different animal than traditional weddings held near the bride’s home or even near the groom’s home. Consider these tips for your destination wedding photography. (Photo courtesy of a destination wedding is often done remotely, over the phone and over the Internet, with referrals and reviews of the vendors coming in very handy.

Selecting a photographer for a destination wedding and planning the details of your wedding photography can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t always have to be if you follow a few wedding photography tips for destination weddings.

As a destination bride, you’ve surely got a ton of things on your mind already. More than likely, you’d love to cross a few more things off your list of what you still need to do. Planning your destination wedding photography needs can be less tricky when you consider a few tips from wedding photographers and other destination brides.

Planning Ahead for Your Destination Wedding Photos
Even the best laid plans can still go awry, but taking the time and effort to set things up for your destination wedding photography can go a long way toward a successful wedding photo shoot. Consider these tips to help you prepare for your destination wedding photo shoot.

Dawn Yorke, a photographer based in South Jersey, suggests planning your ceremony later in the day to avoid mid-day glare (and sweat).

Kristen Dinisio Jones and her husband enjoyed a beach wedding celebration. (Photo courtesy of Kristen Dinisio Jones)“Think about where the sun is going to be during your wedding for photos,” says recent bride Kristen Dinisio Jones. “You don’t want to have the wedding too late so that your pics are dark, however planning it just right so that you get the sun setting, now that’s great.”

“Be sure to consider the time of year you’re looking at different beach sites versus the date of your wedding,” says Joe Kusumoto of Joe Kusumoto Photography. If you check out a location in the fall (which is not prime beach time so will present a pristine view without crowds), remember that a summer wedding at the same spot will bring lots of beach goers that you can’t control!

“Also, embrace the elements. If you choose a beach wedding, take advantage of the natural setting – bare feet in the sand, windblown veil and hair, playing in the shallow tide – which are not only fun for the beach bride and wedding party, but make for great photos!”

Playing on the natural elements all around you is a fabulous idea for destination wedding photography. You can also get creative on your own account, or take things as they come and see what kind of excitement and craziness shall ensue.

“Also, beach weddings are fun, so try to think of fun things to do in your pictures, like take a picture with your wedding party in sunglasses,” says Angela F. Bachman, who celebrated her beach wedding two years ago. “If it’s a destination wedding be sure to get a group shot of everyone and then have copies made to send to all of your guests.”

(Kristen Dinisio Jones and her husband enjoyed a beach wedding celebration. Photo courtesy of Kristen Dinisio Jones.)

Surviving Destination Wedding Photography Sessions
Perhaps entertain this one bit of advice before you dash off for your destination wedding: expect the unexpected. As all too many former brides can attest, in just about every wedding, something can and does always go wrong. Luckily, with a good wedding planner or some really amazing bridesmaids, many times the bride never catches wind of the calamity.
A destination bride is doused in bugspray during her wedding in Honduras. (Photo by Alyse Liebowitz of 3 Chicks That Click Photography)
By being proactive in planning and preparing for your destination wedding, you can protect yourself from a number of possible issues. By following a few of these tips on wedding photography for destination brides, you can further enhance your chances of a flawless wedding photography shoot.

“Avoid the sun before the wedding,” says Alyse Liebowitz, owner of 3 Chicks That Click Photography. “A sunburned bride in a white dress will look radioactive in photos.”

Liebowitz also recommends simple and lightweight wedding gowns for the destination bride.

“If the ceremony or reception is outside, it will be hot and humid,” she says. “Dress to keep cool, i.e., halter or sheath dresses, not gowns. For brides that want a sunset ceremony on the beach, be aware that insects are most active at that time. Bug spray is a must!”

(A destination bride is doused in bugspray during her wedding in Honduras. Photo by Alyse Liebowitz of 3 Chicks That Click Photography.)

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