What Guys Really Want for Valentine’s Day

What do guys really want for Valentine's Day?

Whether they’ll admit it or not, most guys are pleased to receive gifts and sweet sentiments from their other half. With the holiday of love fast approaching, many women are wondering what guys really want for Valentine’s Day. A love note, a greeting card, a batch of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies – the small things often are the ones that matter most. But there are many other types of gifts guys tend to like receiving from their sweethearts.

Handmade greeting cards, Valentine’s, and love notes are among top requests from guys when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. For a number of guys, spending time with their significant other is the top priority.

Sergeant Neil Gussman of the National Guard wants to be home with his family for Valentine's Day 2010. (Photo courtesy of Sgt. Neil Gussman)“In addition to my day job, I am a sergeant in the Army National Guard and going to Iraq at the end of January,” says Neil Gussman of Chemical Heritage Foundation. “What I really want for Valentine’s Day is to be home with my wife for Valentine’s Day 2010.”

Editor’s Note: Neil, we wish you the safe travels and tour in Iraq and hope you come home to your family soon and definitely in time for next Valentine’s Day!

From all the guys who responded to our inquiries, we received the following tips and trends on what guys really want for Valentine’s Day:

–    Handmade greeting cards
–    Beer
–    Money / Gift Cards
–    Sex
–    Cuddling in the buff
–    Naughty pictures
–    Handwritten love notes
–    CD of songs
–    Dinner and a movie
–    A day trip somewhere you’d both enjoy

Despite the above ideas of what guys really want for Valentine’s Day, some men still hold out that they don’t want or need any gifts at all. In this case, we’d recommend making a point to spend some extra time together or do something together that you both enjoy.

Your Valentine’s Day gift needn’t cost money or take a lot of time to plan. You can do something as simple as cooking a meal together or snuggling up on your sofa to watch a movie. If you can get out of the house and experience something together like a trip to the park or a museum or any other date activity that also makes a nice gift without the wrapping. Spending time together is a precious gift that doesn’t have a price tag.

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