Valentine’s Day Alternatives – Fun, Social, or Solo Activities for Singles on February 14

Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is a great day to spend with friends and loved ones. Even if you are single on Valentine’s Day, there are a number of social and solo activities you can enjoy. As you make your plans, be sure to consider these exciting Valentine’s Day alternatives.

Experts in the fields of love and relationships have shared their favorite Valentine’s Day alternatives for singles on the feted day of love.

Valentine’s Day Alternatives for Singles Who Want to Be Social
Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman, psychologist and author of ‘Dating from the Inside Out: How to Use the Law of Attraction in Matters of the Heart’ by Atria Books, suggests the following tips for things singles can do on Valentine’s Day:

1.    Go Out & Be With People: Do not sit home alone just because you’re not coupled off.  Be with the people you love like friends and family and celebrate the great support you do have that day.

2.    Give Back: Valentine’s Day is a time to be loving and generous with others.  So, it’s a terrific day to volunteer and visit the elderly who are alone or shut-ins who are homebound or chronically ill or homeless people who don’t have family around.  Love does not just have to be romantic.  Open your heart today.

3.    Go to a Single’s Event: Instead of being depressed that you don’t have a mate, do something about it. Valentine’s Day is a great day to go out because other singles might be looking too.  How romantic would it be to meet your mate on Valentine’s Day?  And even if you don’t, your actions are showing the world you are ready to attract your mate and it is just a matter of time till you do.

Solo or Social Valentine’s Day Ideas – Make Valentine’s Day a Spa Day
Sometimes some time alone to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit can be the perfect fix for Valentine’s Day as a single female. From manicures and pedicures to facials, bubble baths, and everything in between, you can pamper yourself from head to toe on Valentine’s Day. Make this Valentine’s Day all about YOU!

Of course, if you and your best girlies find yourselves single on Valentine’s Day, you can always throw a girls night in, complete with chick flicks, pints of ice cream, and at-home spa treatments. Enjoy indulging in snacks and treating yourselves to pedicures, manicures, and exotic facials.

For a perfect pampering treat that’s easy to use, check out Spa Sisters gift sets. Gather together with your single girlfriends and treat yourselves to a pampered evening. Spa Sisters gift sets contain all kinds of bath and body goodies for pampering and relaxation. For example, the Foot Folly Relaxation Set includes embroidered Chenille slippers, exfoliating foot sponge, soy foot butter, and a nail file, all in a convenient carrying case.

The Absolute Night Luxury gift set for the rejuvenated and relaxed woman contains embroidered hearts spa slippers, moisturizing lavender foot butter, dual-sided pumice stick, Vitamin E foot caviars (tiny soothing foot soak beads in lavender and chamomile), a nail file, and hydrated lip gloss, all tucked inside a handy zippered carrying case.

Spa Sister gift sets of all kinds are available, like the Sweet Body Bath Set, boasting groovy pampering products such as bubble bath potions, bath sugar cubes, moisturizing sugar body cream, foot brush with pumice stone, and more. You can select your favorite gift set for a night of personal pampering or pick out a Spa Sisters gift set for each of your gal pals and have a singles spa party.

For another luxurious spa option, consider planning a day trip to your favorite spa or an overnight trip to a hotel spa resort. Countless resorts and hotel properties have an onsite spa for the ultimate luxury and convenience. As one example, Hotel Gansevoort in New York City offers a Girls Escape Package for single girls. Women who could use a nice relaxing escape with their friends can enjoy complimentary drinks, passes to a local nightclub, and discounts at neighborhood shops and boutiques.

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