Creatures Great and Small: The Majesty and Wonder of Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island Bahamas

Given the choice between a traditional hotel resort and the majestic resort Atlantis, Paradise Island, the decision requires little contemplation.

The Atlantis resort welcomes guests with a regal Pegasus Fountain featuring the gleaming, golden Flying Horses of Atlantis. A magnificent golden dome ceiling extends upward in the lobby of the well-known Royal Towers, elaborately adorned with seashell designs and a brilliant blue sky. Ornate architecture spans throughout the entire resort, beginning with the common areas – including the casino, lobby and throughout the Royal Towers, Beach Towers and Coral Towers.

The breathtaking structural design stops short of nothing; ultimately creating a spectacular seascape that boasts 34 acres of water wonderland and 11 million gallons of fresh and saltwater. Perhaps Atlantis’ very claim to fame, this gorgeous underwater habitat is the world’s largest open-air marine habitat. Second only to the true natural oceanic habitat, the 11 great lagoons of Atlantis are home to more than 200 species of sea life.

Sliding with the Sharks…
The adventurous type will find favor with the world-renown Leap of Faith Waterslide located at the Mayan Temple. This tremendous slide sends brave guests on a 60-foot near vertical plunge through a clear tunnel in a shark and predator-filled lagoon. For those who don’t enjoy heights quite as much, the Serpent Waterslide offers a fun-filled slide ride in a single or double inner tube through the same aquatic environment. The more competitive guests can also enjoy a watery race down the electronically timed Challenger Slides.

Exploring The Dig…
Atlantis’ amazing sea creatures inhabit the waters far outside of the Mayan Temple. Telling a story with each underground twist and turn, The Dig creates a realistic subterranean labyrinth, brimming with saltwater and freshwater species from across the globe. The Dig signifies the ancient archeological excavations of the mythical Atlantis.

Marine Life for All to See
Portraying its ruins complete with an inventions room, a laboratory, crystal chamber and more, The Dig truly brings the legend of Atlantis to life. Eleven exhibits show off marine species in a mysterious, fun and interactive environment.

Tunnel of Life
Memorable and extraordinary is the 100-foot long clear tunnel that allows guests to become one with the waters of Atlantis and all its creatures. Buried deep within the Predator Lagoon, 1.5 million gallons of water surround this innovative viewing station. Here guests may see sharks, barracudas, groupers, snappers and other reef fish as they interact with each other.

Lucid Lagoon
The Seagrapes Lagoon contains 500,000 gallons of water and such marvelous creatures as the Spotted Eagle Ray. Atlantis also showcases sea creatures in The Great Hall of Waters – featuring nine-foot tall five-inch thick acrylic windows, the Ruins Lagoon – with a variety of native Bahamian fish, the Hibiscus Lagoon – home to Green Sea Turtles, and the Stingray Lagoon – where guests may touch and feed these friendly fish.

 * * *

Atlantis hosts more than 50,000 sea creatures in its vast underwater habitats. Among the ray family are the Cownose Ray, Southern Stingray, White-Spotted Eagle Ray, Smalltooth Sawfish and the incredible Manta Ray, whose wingspan may grow to 22 feet!

Fierce-looking creatures like the Green Moray Eel and Great Barracuda also populate the waters of the Atlantis resort. A fascination to many, several species of sharks also inhabit the Atlantean waters, including the Blacktip Shark, Bonnethead Shark, Zebra Shark, Nurse Shark, Caribbean Reef Shark and Great Hammerhead Shark. The hammerheads patrol a special lagoon where they circle and swim, their fins ever grazing the surface of the water.

A variety of groupers also dwell in the exhibits of the resort, including the humongous Goliath Grouper, which can grow to eight feet and more than a thousand pounds…not to mention his relatives, the Nassau Grouper, the Black Grouper and the Yellowfin Grouper.

Rainbow and Spotted Parrotfish also grace the waters, along with Yellowtail Snappers, Gray Snappers, Queen Angelfish and species of Hogfish. Spiny Lobsters sometimes creep closely into sight along the outdoor walkways between resort buildings. Exotic-looking creatures like Lionfish and Scorpionfish also find their homes at Atlantis, in addition to Seahorses, Bahama Starfish, Horseshoe Crabs and Queen Conchs.

With so many amazing sights to see and such a gorgeous waterscape to take in, it’s no wonder that Atlantis, Paradise Island is one of the most popular resorts in the world. The breathtaking exhibits and diverse underwater creatures truly lend themselves to an unforgettable, mystical experience to be enjoyed by all.

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