How to Seduce Your Man for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and many of us have yet to pick out the perfect present. Men seem to have the easy way out…buy us some chocolates, jewelry, flowers or perfume and a sappy card and we’ll be more than satisfied.

Seduce your man with these romantic tips!In my dating years, I’ve found that shopping for the man can be quite a chore… they like gadgets and gizmos, electronics and what-cha-ma-call-its for their cars, but somehow those items don’t really embody the true sentiment of Valentine’s Day. Instead, why not focus on your relationship and sexy ways you can seduce your man for Valentine’s Day?!

Whether your man enjoys or objects to the lovey-dovey holiday of St. Valentine, give him a gift he’ll remember for all time. Having a hard time thinking of something? Read on for a few interesting, creative and seductive suggestions!

Write little love notes proposing intimate things you’d like to do together. Sneak them in his coat pocket, in his gloves, in his lunch bag or somewhere in his car or anywhere he’ll be sure to find them. Once he gets home from work, he’ll be sure to take you up on your hints!

Craft a cute and clever coupon book with your sweetie in mind. Include traditional favorites like “free back massage” or “free full body massage,” relaxing options like a “hot bubble bath for two,” racy suggestions like “dessert…on you” and more risqué proposals that you come up with on your own. Remember, anything goes!

Take some naughty photos for your honey. Place a bunch of them in an unmarked envelope or craft them into a sexy calendar so he can enjoy them throughout the year.

Pick out some sexy bedroom attire in the intimates department, with him in mind. Wrap it in beautiful paper and enjoy the look of surprise and desire that lights up in his eyes when he opens your gift. Whether you select a silky chemise, sheer nightgown or another hot little number, he’s sure to be all yours tonight!

Bake him some “naughty cookies” and send them with him to work. Whatever you do, advise him that these cookies aren’t for sharing! Using a delightful sugar cookie recipe, heart-shaped cookie cutter and your own decorating skills, you’ll be able to create a tasty yet memorable gift for your special valentine. With delicious icing, be sure to write some sexy sayings on your life-size conversation hearts!

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