Best Bridesmaid Gifts – Creative Bridesmaid Thank You Gifts

Choosing the gifts for your maid of honor and bridesmaids should neither be as stressful nor as hectic as Christmas shopping. Put a lot of time and thought into finding your creative bridesmaid gifts, and get started in your search as early as possible. You will be sure to find the perfect tokens of your appreciation.

As your wedding day nears, you will probably find yourself leaning on your bridesmaids more than ever. Every little detail must be perfect, and your girls are there for you to make sure it is. To show your best friends and sisters just how much you appreciate them, choose a thoughtful gift. Countless options are available to help you select the best bridesmaid gift within your budget. Shop in the factory outlet stores, clean out the clearance rack at your favorite department stores, and don’t forget to shop online.

As you scour the racks and various Web pages for the perfect bridesmaid gifts, take your time to find the perfect trinkets and tokens of your appreciation – but don’t wait until the last minute to begin your search. Give yourself at least a couple of months to get everything squared away.

Remember – it isn’t the cost of the bridesmaid gift that matters. You can get an expensive piece that may just collect dust on a shelf, or you can select an item that your friend or sister will cherish for years to come.

Here are some diverse and creative bridesmaid gift ideas for a wide variety of budgets:

Traditional Bridesmaid Gifts

Embroidered hanky


Jewelry boxes

Keepsake box

Key chain (engraved)

Picture frames / photo albums

Votive candles

Business Bridesmaid Gifts

Business card case or holder

Designer pen set

Engraved stainless luggage tag

Glass or crystal paperweights

Personalized stationery

Bridesmaid Gifts for Pleasure

Aromatherapy kits

Chocolates or candy

Embroidered (personalized) tote bags, stuffed with spa goodies

Embroidered terry robe and slippers

Evening bag or a special purse


Gift cards

Jewelry trays


Mirror compact (engraved)



Personalized glassware

Personalized pillows

Piece of custom artwork

Printed bud vases


Wine and wine charms or a special bottle stopper

Tips for choosing and preparing your bridesmaid gifts:

Shop and select everything way ahead of time. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day, or as it approaches, is whether or not you will have your bridesmaid gifts in time.

Simplify. Choose the same gift for each bridesmaid. It keeps things easy and avoids hurting feelings. For a special touch, get things embroidered or engraved with each bridesmaid’s name or a special message from you to her.

Get a special gift for your maid of honor, if you wish. You can also get her the same thing as the other bridesmaids but add a special trinket or token of your affection and appreciation. After all, she is your right-hand gal!

Personalize with engravings or embroidery. Gifts for your bridesmaids don’t need to cost a fortune, but going the extra mile to put your special gals’ names on the items will make the gift so much more meaningful.

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