Great Gifts for Groomsmen

Tired of tie tacks and wallets? Here’s an array of unique gift ideas for the groomsmen in your wedding!

When it comes down to it, guys are the best kind of friends to have. Whether you are a guy or a girl, the males stick with you through it all. They are more of a brother to you than a friend. They never talk trash about you behind your back. They usually don’t go after your significant other. If they have a problem with you – they usually tell you, you both throw a few punches, and you’re friends again.

These reasons and many more make it easy to see how much a guy appreciates his compadres. When it all comes down to it, he knows they are there for him. As a man prepares to give up his freedom, so to speak, or to shackle on the ball and chain, as some might say, it is only appropriate that his brothers and best friends see him off.

To convey to his groomsmen just how much their loyalty and support means, the groom typically chooses a special gift to give his attendants on the big day. Below are a number of options to fit just about any personality type, and just about any budget.

Traditional Groomsmen Gifts



Keepsake box

Key chain (engraved)

Money clips


Groomsmen Gifts for Business

Business card case or holder

Checkbook cover

Desk clock

Leather travel sets

Luggage tag

Passport case

Personalized pen set

Groomsmen Gifts for Pleasure

Beer mugs (filled with goodies, and/or engraved)


Fancy lighter

Flask (engraved)

Gift cards

Golf accessory caddy

Monogrammed professional baseball bats

Personalized glassware

Personalized golf putter

Pocket watches

Poker set

Something Useful as a Groomsman Gift

If the groomsmen are fishermen, how about a new fishing pole or a tackle box? For hunters, consider a filet knife… for outdoorsmen, a compass, etc.

Stainless bar set

Swiss Army knife / pen knife


No matter what you select for your groomsmen gifts, remember that your heartfelt sentiments are also especially important. Be sure to thank each groomsman with a personal thank you, a handwritten thank-you note, or even a special toast to all of the groomsmen.

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  1. Business Card Holders are an excellent choice for anyone who carries business cards. They are stylish, offer plenty of room for engraving a special message or their name or business name. So it’s a nice gift for groomsmen.

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