Fun, Flirty and Frisky – What Does the Color of Your Lingerie Say About You?

So ladies, what thoughts swirl through your mind as you choose your undergarments for a day at work, a lazy afternoon at home, a night that you’ll be spending with your lover? And guys, do you even notice the color of your sweetheart’s panties? Is the color or style of her panties more important?

Of course we all know that most guys totally dig thongs. Plain as can be or boasting all the bells and whistles of buttons, buckles, and beads – it really matters not. As long as they’re sexy, skintight, and barely there, you’re a shoe-in with your mate. Even though they aren’t always the most comfortable skivvies in the world, thongs save our tails when it comes to erasing panty lines.

“Granny panties,” a term popularized by some teen movie, sure seem to take a lot of heat from males who get too spoiled by their girlfriends’ selection of sexy unmentionables. If women are not feeling well, if just bumming around the house, or even if they are just too lazy to do wash, “normal” panties often come in handy. Some women refuse to call these panties grannies. Others tend to like these styles of underwear best. It really all comes down to individual, personal preference.

So we’ve been through the style sequence… But what does your choice of color say about you?

Black: Sexiness, Seduction, Secretive or just plain “I want to get some tonight, baby!”

Red: Passionate, Romantic, Erotic… “I want to be romanced tonight…take my breath away, lover…”

Pink: Delicate, Flirty, Youthful… “You might get lucky, you might not… but I am yours tonight!”

White: Innocent, Virginal, Pure… “Be gentle with me, and I may have some fun with you!”

Blue: Bold, Strong, Mischievous… “I’m in control tonight, sexy” *wink*

Purple: Mysterious… “I like to keep you guessing…I’ll spring you when you least expect it!”

Orange: Playful… “Let’s have some fun tonight!”

Green: Anything Goes… “No location is too risky for me!”

Leopard Print: “Rwar, I’m an animal, baby. Let’s get wild!”


DISCLAIMER: These descriptions were created on a passing whim – they are meant to make you chuckle or dispute their meanings, nothing further… just food for thought, for pure enjoyment purposes! Please consult your Victoria’s Secret Specialist or other lingerie shop attendant if you are seeking true advice!

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