Long Distance Love – Spending the Holidays Together While Apart

Romantic ideas to express your love across the distance…

Sometimes duty calls, or weather restricts our best intentions, or an unforeseen event may come up and change all the plans. Whether it springs up all of a sudden or you’ve known for quite a while that the holidays would be spent solo, your relationship can withstand the physical separation imposed by the distance.

Even if you can’t be together for the holidays, rest assured that you and your sweetheart will be in each other’s thoughts. Be sure to stock up on stamps, stationery and calling cards so you can let your loved one know the distance keeps you apart only physically.

Here are some long distance ideas for celebrating the holidays together, even in each other’s absence…

–    Send love letters, emails and text messages to let your sweetheart know you are thinking about him or her. Spritz some of your perfume or cologne on the notepaper before you write your letter so that your scent arouses some emotion.

–    When you both have time to talk, call and have a passionate conversation about your love. Leave a sweet and romantic message if you cannot meet up on the phone.

–    Be old-fashioned. Send a telegram or a singing telegram with “your song” or one that makes you think of each other. Or just aim to be funny and select a song that will make your sweetheart laugh.

–    Make a radio request for a song that the two of you love. Be sure your honey knows which station to listen to at the right time.

–    Send a mixed tape or CD with songs and the reasons why they fit your relationship.

–    Make a video tape to send to your loved one. Make a funny documentary, a heartfelt confession of your love or a live recording of you singing or playing a song you wrote for your partner.

–    Burn a candle, play some soft music, take a bath or just relax as your thoughts meet from across the miles.

–    Make a phone call to your love as the last thing you do before the two of you hit the hay. Tell a bedtime story that will put a smile on his or her face and send butterflies right to the stomach. Then the two of you can fall asleep with smiles on your faces.

–    Send a special present in the mail with instructions for opening. (Ex: Close your eyes, shake it gently and make a guess. Think of me and unwrap.)

–    Send flowers – either a whole bunch at once or a few smaller arrangements throughout your time apart.

–    Make a puzzle with a handwritten love note or an adorable photo of the two of you. Send a card or love letter each day with one piece of the puzzle included. Spray a bit of your perfume or cologne to tease the senses.

–    Make plans for the weekend before or the weekend after the holidays where you can revel in each other’s company.

New Year’s Eve carries the burden of a first kiss of the year – traditionally exchanged just after the ball drops or the final minute of the year ticks by. If you and your sweetheart cannot be together to share in that special moment, consider some of the following ideas.

–    Make your honey’s number the first one you dial after the New Year arrives. Give a big smooch over the phone to surprise and delight him or her.

–    Resist kissing anyone else – even just a peck on the cheek – so that you and your love can share the first kiss of the year.

–    Surprise him or her by dropping by early the next morning if possible.

–    Next year, make a point to spend the holiday together!

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