Hats Off to Dad — Some Creative Gifts to Make Him Smile

Who did you turn to for help when you got your first bike? When you learned how to drive? When you got your first flat tire or had your first car problem? Who scrupulously checked out your boyfriends, and later walked you down the aisle to unite with the man of your dreams?

Chances are, at least some of the above indicate your father has been there for you.  Since the commencement of your existence in the world, he has carried you, pushed you, and held your hand. No matter how far apart you live or how many years have passed since you were but a tiny babe, you will always be his “little girl.” For Father’s Day, make sure you let him know how much he means to you.

With that special day marked as a tribute to our fathers, now is a great time to start thinking of clever gifts for you to give to your father, and for your kids to give to theirs!

Forget about another tie, a box of hankies, or extra socks. He has got tons of those from all the previous Father’s Days and birthdays and Christmases. Throw a dash of creativity in your gift-giving this year and break out of the ordinary. Below are some crafty and clever ideas that will keep your dad smiling for times to come.

Gifts for kids of all ages to give Dad:

– Grab some paints and a glass jar with a lid (some stores sell neat-shaped little ones with a cork top that would be ideal for this) and create a savings system for him. Decorate the jar however you like and paint a special saying on it somewhere… like “For a Rainy Day,” “Fishing Money,” “Hunting Fund,” “Golf Money,” “New Boat Fund”… anything that he likes or wants to buy would be a perfect target for this personalized bank of sorts. Put in a few shiny pennies to get him started and he will surely think of you when the time comes to spend its contents!

– When the times are tough and a long day or week at work has tired him out, a coupon booklet would be a perfect gift to give him some relaxation time. Make the coupons on the computer or by hand with crayons, markers or whatever you have available. Give him a “free back massage” coupon, a “Night off” coupon for a chore-free evening, a “King of the Remote” card saying he is the controller of the remote for the entire night, a “breakfast in bed” coupon, a “free lawn-mowing” coupon… you get the idea. Be creative, be humorous—give him something he can laugh about and enjoy at the same time.

– Let the kids pick out a favorite picture and have them decorate a frame especially for him. He can put this custom-made picture frame on his desk at work or keep it somewhere special at home, but kids do grow up quickly, so this gift will hold importance for years to come!

– Purchase a glass beer mug and some stain glass paints to honor him with his very own mug so he can enjoy his beverages a bit more. Any phrase, saying or picture will do, but make sure it is something to which he can relate or something that holds a special meaning. Even “World’s Greatest Dad!” would be a fine choice to make him feel especially loved.

Make a “Daddy Survival Kit”
Begin by taking a blank sheet of paper and writing down everything you know about him, from his favorite color to his favorite candy bar to what he likes to do in his spare time. If he likes hunting, fishing, golf, tinkering with things… write these pastimes down. What about items he uses on a daily basis, or those pesky things that he needs but can never find in the instant he wants them? Write those down too… this survival kit you create for him should have a variety of things he likes and those he might need from time to time, but it will be customized just for him.

Examples of some items you might want to include:
–    A small lunchbox-type container, or Tupperware that can be easily designed and decorated with paints, pictures and crafts

–    Some band-aids, tissues, perhaps tweezers, antiseptic, or other first aid items

–    A picture of his family

–    A spare key to the house, his car, etc.

–    His favorite candy bar, a pack of gum, and some snacks you know he loves…

–    A custom-made CD for him to enjoy

–    Extra fishing hooks or weights if he likes to fish, some camouflage paint or hand-warmers if he likes to hunt…

–    A few extra golf tees, a golf ball, etc.

–    A few coins for emergency toll money, some batteries, a mini-flashlight…

–    Use your imagination — there are so many possibilities out there to make the perfect kit just for him!

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