Rave Review: Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection – Red Tea & Fig and Lotus & Bamboo Body Washes

I am completely and utterly impressed by the new Mary Kay Body Care Collection (spring line). Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection - Red Tea & Fig and Lotus & Bamboo Body Washes (Photo by Barbara Baker)The smells are absolutely tantalizing and the feel of your body after you’ve washed is incredibly invigorating!!! You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a spa and are being pampered beyond your wildest dreams; the seas will part, the birds will sing and your body with thank you…

Without fail, Mary Kay has done it again; she has put together two wonderful new shower gels that will drive your senses wild. You can choose between the fresh scents of Red Tea & Fig or Lotus & Bamboo. The choice is yours, but I can say that without a doubt; you’ll be indulged with fragrances that will awaken your inner soul.

I’m actually tickled with excitement as I sit here writing this review. I have been a user of Mary Kayfor many years and have always anticipated the new and improved products that immerge. My mother was a representative back in the day (yes, it was that long ago). I remember seeing her place orders, try new products and occasionally, she’d even let us girls (my sisters and I) have small lipstick samples or she’d douse us with the latest fragrance that had just come out; such fond memories.

The fact is; Mary Kay is one of the largest direct sellers of skin care and color cosmetics worldwide. They have achieved record results in years past and are exceeding in independent sales by 1.8 million. Mary Kay has been taking care of women’s needs for many years and has been trusted by all who have come to know and use the products.

Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection Body Wash (Photo by Barbara Baker)


Upon receiving these products for review; I had to literally toss a coin in order to choose which one I’d use first (don’t worry; you’ll be faced with this dilemma too). The coin landed me on the Red Tea & Fig… I used it and loved it. I thought the smell was absolutely wonderful; it reminded me of the green tea smells that I’m so fond of, but the red tea does have a distinct difference. Red tea is a bit stronger; sweet but stronger and the fig is just an enhancement to those already invigorating smells. I even found myself smelling my arms and smiling throughout the day.

I later showered again (you know, you’ve gotta have two showers a day, right?) and this time, I used the Lotus & Bamboo; nothing out there compares. This particular fragrance is very different from anything I’ve ever tried; in fact, I don’t think there is anything to compare it with except for maybe a hint of aloe. The Lotus & Bamboo is one of those smells you’ll have to experience for yourself, but trust me; it’s anything but “normal”.

Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection - Red Tea & Fig and Lotus & Bamboo Body Washes (Photo by Barbara Baker)I sat here trying desperately to find something that might have made any one of these “just another” product; just another scent, but honestly…I can’t. The gels not only purify and revitalize your every sense; they nourish the body and leave you feeling breathless. The smells are wonderful, they stay with you long after you’ve showered/bathed and your skin feels so soft too. I’ve even considered purchasing a few sets for some special friends of mine for Valentine’s Day.

The shower gels come in clear tubing (enabling you to see the clear shower gel within) and are beautifully crafted with flowing flares of colors and springing leaves for added texture. They are appealing to just about every sense; smell, touch and feel. What’s more; it can be applied using your hand, sponge or wash cloth and still has the ability to lather quite nicely leaving you to feel clean and fresh like you’re sitting amongst the flowers on a beautiful spring day.

I truly recommend these products to anyone out there that care about their bodies, who has the need for self pampering without leaving the home, for all those moms out there that have used the statement “…,take me away” far too many times. They are truly invigorating products worth every cent.

If you’re looking for a daily cleanser without exfoliation and are interested in trying any one of these products; you can go to www.MaryKay.com; by phone at 1 (800) MARY KAY (627-9529) or make that much needed visit to your local representative and experience this phenomenon yourself. The shower gels I tried have an SRP of $14.00 each. The body lotions and spritzers are also available for (lotion) $16.00 and (spritzers) $18.00; and right now, if you order any of the collection sets for yourself (or someone special) you will receive a striking gift bag for displaying and/or gifting your new products.

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