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Athletic Hairstyles: Ponytails of a Different Color

Fun and flirty or professional and sophisticated, the ponytail is a timeless style appropriate for just about any occasion or event. Ponytails look absolutely adorable when worn by young girls and tots, but they also look chic and classy on mature women.

Beyond the basics of ponytails, dozens of variations and fashionable styles await. Wearing two ponytails – aka: pigtails – is a style that dates way back to our youth. Nowadays, creative hairstylists and inventive product masterminds have developed fancy and interesting alternatives to the previously two-story style.


Here are a few styles to get you started on modernizing and accessorizing your ponytail. Just remember, you are only limited by your creativity!

Style #1: A Simple Yet Elegant Up-do

Meredith Boyd, founder of Mere Cosmetics (http://www.merecosmetics.com/), proposes a modernized up-do sans curls. It is easy to create and looks great for any occasion.

To create Boyd’s style, follow these steps:

1. Blow dry hair straight with a paddle brush and use a quarter-sized dollop of straightening balm like “Redken Straight 05” to prevent curls and frizz while also keeping hair smooth.

2. Part: Make a deep part to one side.

3. Sweep front of hair to one side and secure with a bobby pin if needed.

4. Spray the front of your hair with hairspray to hold.

5. Gather all of your hair back into a mid to low ponytail.

6. Separate a small section of hair from the back of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair band.

7. Wrap the hair around the band a few times with one hand, and with the other hand slip your finger through one loop of the band at the bottom in the back.

8. Tuck the ends of hair through so it’s secure.

9. That’s it! Now spray all over for hold.

“An extra tip is to always use hair bands the same hue as your hair,” Boyd says. “Appropriate for work or an evening out for a formal event!”

Style #2: The Perfect Pony

Martha Creed, stylist of Fantastic Sams, recommends a sleek ponytail accented by your favorite headband. To create her refined look, follow these steps while hair is still damp:

1. Apply a styling glaze while hair is damp.

2. Brush hair back into a ponytail with a bristle brush.

3. Twist the ponytail two to three times to give it holding power on a damp head.

4. Blow dry hair. “As your hair dries, the twisting of the pony will add some volume,” Creed says. “Spray hairspray in hands so it doesn’t get that old fashioned hair look. Mix with spray shine for a shiny hold.”

5. Accessorize with a headband in any complementing color.

Style #3: Ponytails as a Convertible Fashion

Homer Prefontaine, owner and designer of Salon Prefontaine, says, “Do it Yourself Hairdos are easier than you think. One thing to keep in mind when you’re doing your own hair is to not try and make every hair perfect.”

Prefontaine’s three top styles for ponytails are appropriate for many occasions, but they range from elegant to playful in look and feel so you can match them to your own event or occasion.

“Depending on the event, you can either slick it back for an elegant and chic appearance, or you can tease it a little at the top and loosely pin it back for a soft and playful style,” he explains. “Another option is pulling your hair back from ear to ear into a tight ponytail and leaving the rest down for a sleek, yet soft look.”

He adds that the current style for ponytails is wearing them low rather than high on the head.


* * *

Ponytails are great as a last-minute fashion, as a fallback plan for a bad hair day, as a functional athletic hairstyle, or as a fun and flirty or elegant and sophisticated style. Just like blue jeans and t-shirts, ponytails are comfortable and here to stay!

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