Product Review: MS. Manicure & MS. Pedicure Nail Care Sets

Oh how excited I was this past weekend. The Ms. Manicure set is available at’s funny is that I had so much fun with my girls, yet we never left the home. My girls and I rocked the soles of our feet and buffed our fingernails as we took turns giving each other the most perfect manicure and pedicure treatment ever!! What made it more fun was doing the whole “girly thing” with Patience and Piper because they had never experienced any of this before…needless to say, THEY LOVED IT!

I have actually been to a spa once or twice and had a wonderful time (I won’t even begin to down play that), but because of the cost, I wasn’t able to experience it with my girls, which is what I’ve always wanted to do. So when I was asked to review these particular products, I jumped at the chance and happily accepted (knowing good and well that doing this was going to require a bit of “help” (wink-wink) from the little ones…you know, in order to really try out the products for durability and satisfaction).

Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure productsWhen I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised with how many products MS. Manicure and MS. Pedicure offer. The names they give each product are catchy and cute too. Here’s a list of the products I tried along with a short description of what they are:

1.    There’s the Ms. Pedicure Rock ‘n Sole ($1.99); a pumice stone that’s great for exfoliating and smoothing dry skin and calluses, it’s got an easy-grip shape with a rope (good for hanging) and it’s a great aid for softening your feet (but be aware, if you have sensitive feet…stay clear of the arch- it TICKLES!).

2.     Ms. Pedicure Smoothy Groovy ($2.99); the Smoothy Groovy is a 2-in-1 foot brush & pumice. It’s similar to the Rock ‘n Sole but it’s on a non-slip handle (also with a rope for hanging) and comes with a brush which allows you to scrub feet clean after you’ve used the pumice to clear away dry skin and calluses.

3.     Ms. Pedicure Heeling Fine ($3.99); The perfect healing cream for those dry, cracked heels or great for maintaining those already soft feet.

Ms. Pedicure Toe Riffic Tools, available at Amazon.com4.     Ms. Pedicure Smooth Talker ($4.99); a 2-in-1 callus reducer. Now, I have to say that I really enjoyed this product…a lot. It resembles a grater, but it’s for your feet. The coarse side exfoliates dry skin while the fine side smoothes. Much like the Smoothy Groovy, it crafted on a beautiful, pink non-slip, easy grip handle.

5.     Ms. Manicure Handy Dandy Mani ($9.99); a 9 pro tool set for that perfectly marvelous manicure. This set includes: nail brush, wood cuticle sticks, cuticle nipper, nail clipper, nail scissors, washable salon board, 4-way nail buffer (the best buffer ever…no need for nail gloss ever again), tweezers and all these items come in a double-zippered pocket bag to take with you on your travels.

6.     Ms. Manicure Block Party ($.99); a 6-way buffer on an easy-to-handle handle. The buffer is conveniently numbered for step-by-step buffing to make smoothing and shining a snap. You might as well throw away the nail gloss because this buffer will leave your nails shining for days (without the nail gloss chips).

Ms. Pedicure Spa Retreat for Legs & Feet, available at Amazon.comNow, these are just a few of the many products to be had at MS. Pedicure & MS. Manicure. Every product is perfectly packaged with in the cutest shades of pinks & blues and the smells from the healing cream are so minty; you’ll literally feel the tingle in toes as an “Ahhh” or an “o-o-oh” escape your mouth. Seriously, they smell (and feel) that good!

After trying all of these products, I can assure you that they’d make the perfect gift for anyone on your “gift” to-do list (or yourself). The prices are practically unbeatable and come with the satisfaction of many, many months of spa goodness.  I give every one of these products a big thumbs up for appearance, quality and long lasting results.

Please visit Ms. Pedicure and Ms. Manicure if you’re interested in purchasing any of the products listed above or for more information. You can buy Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure products at

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