Top 2009 Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is a long awaited, much anticipated holiday for college students. Poolside may be the best place to relax for spring break. (Photo courtesy of year, students scatter across the country and even to the Caribbean and beyond for an exciting weeklong getaway. Spring break vacations take students away from books, homework, exams, professors, jobs, and even athletic team practices most times. For 2009, some of the top spring break destinations may not surprise you – but some other top 2009 spring break destinations may catch you off guard.

Read on for the top 2009 spring break destinations for college students.

Top Spring Break Destinations for 2009 – Overlapping Popular Spring Break Locations
While different travel organizations are bound to find some similarities and some differences in the top spring break destinations for 2009, it’s interesting to see those similarities as a means of gauging the most popular destinations. It is also quite interesting to compare the differences as a way of expanding the possibilities for spring break hotspots for this year.

Cancun, Mexico continues to be a spring break hotspot with Las Vegas, NV also taking a popular spot for spring breakers this year. Some surprising facts – Chicago is among the top 10 spring break getaways for 2009, as is Panama City Beach, FL, which has carried its popularity as a spring break hotspot for many years.

Poolside may be the best place to relax for spring break. (Photo courtesy of 10 Spring Break Destinations on Orbitz – Week of 3/16 (Spring Break)    

•    Cancun, Mexico
•    Orlando, FL
•    Phoenix – Mesa, AZ
•    Oahu, HI
•    New York, NY
•    Miami, FL
•    Los Cabos, Mexico
•    Riviera Maya, Mexico
•    Chicago, IL


Top 10 Spring Break Destinations on

•    Panama City Beach, FL
•    Cancun, MX
•    Fort Lauderdale, FL
•    Key West, FL
•    Summit County, CO (ski)
•    Lake Havasu, AZ
•    Las Vegas, NV
•    Lake Tahoe, NC/CA (ski)
•    Killington, VT (ski)
•    New Orleans, LA

In addition to the above spring break travel data and statistics, Travelocity has named Orlando, FL as the number one destination for spring break this year.

With highway travel in mind for some spring breakers, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) reminds travelers to use its free 511 Travel Information System, which allows motorists to plan their travel routes ahead of time and call 511 for information on their customized routes to avoid traffic and stay safe. 511 is available in 34 other states, too.

For more information on 511 in Florida, please visit or, and for information on 511 in other states, check out

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