Become the New, Flawless, Fresher You — Product Review: Become’s Age Resistant Face Smoothing Gel

At each stage of life, as females, we dream of becoming. Become's Age Resistant Face Smoothing GelAs young girls, we wish to be become flawless, fresh-faced replicas of the models that graze the pages of a magazine. Then, as time works its inevitable aging process, we dream of becoming ten, twenty years younger — relishing in the days when our beauty reached its ultimate pinnacle. Now, no matter what your stage of life or personal beauty aspiration, your wish may be granted. But instead of rubbing a magical lamp to obtain your fanciful standards of beauty, all you have to do is rub your face — with Become’s Age Resistant Face Smoothing Gel.

A luxurious exfoliator infused with Jojoba beads, Become’s Age Resistant Face Smoothing Gel gently polishes the skin to create a silky, radiant complexion. Become’s products are expertly designed to slow the aging process, and this particular gel features an algae extract that firms and tones the skin, leaving you feeling years younger, with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

This smoothing gel is a great pick-me-up for your morning shower — where I first decided to try it out.  Within seconds of flipping open the cap, I was met with a noticeable, yet pleasant fragrance. The product emitted a dominant and invigorating smell of fresh mint, but under this initial layer emerged a subtle hint of fresh and fragrant rose petals. Understandably, this awkward mixture of opposing scents may seem rather unpleasant, but the pairing actually proved to be a delightful balance that left me feeling energized, yet still softly feminine.

Become's Age Resistant Face Smoothing GelThe light pink gel is infused with tiny scrubbing beads that work to polish the surface of the skin. Rubbing the gel between my palms, the texture reminded me of a day at the beach — removing my hands from the ocean and feeling the small granules of sand that haven’t completely washed away.  When rubbing these sand-like beads on your face, it does seem a bit harsh at first, but to tell the truth, this slight polishing sensation became, to me, more of a positive than a negative. The abrasiveness of the beads made me feel as if the product was truly doing its job, scrubbing away the imperfections for a deep and thorough clean.

Barely into my twenty’s, I wasn’t extremely concerned with the age reversing aspects of the gel, but was simply looking for something to give my skin an all-over smoothness, as I sometimes struggle with scratchy areas around the forehead and nose. When I rinsed my face (an easy task since the lightweight gel was a breeze to remove), I was surprised to find that I not only received the results I was looking for, but could also identify how the product truly helps to battle signs of aging.

My skin instantly felt silky smooth — even those troublesome areas that are usually tough to eliminate. I seemed to radiate with an all-over freshness.  Although I could not take full advantage of the aging features of the product, I could see how the gel may leave women feeling rejuvenated and years younger.  The product left my skin feeling extremely firm, and any poking or prodding could barely produce a budge. The gel creates such a remarkable smoothness — as if it peels away years and years of aging layers to reveal the true, younger you beneath the surface.

The directions recommend using the gel once a week for dry skin and three to four times for a normal or oily complexion. I found with most face washes, the initial smooth feel would fade overnight, as I would wake up the next morning with the same problem areas. With this Face Smoothing Gel, however, the feeling lasted throughout the next day, leaving me feeling silky, smooth, and radiant for days at a time. Overall, I’d recommend this product to anyone looking for a great cleanser, a radiant complexion, and a youthful boost of beauty!

A 5.3 oz. bottle of Become’s Age Resistant Face Smoothing Gel runs for $29, and this and other Become products may be ordered at or 1-877-BECOME2.

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