Best of Spring Beauty for Hair 2009 – Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner

Jan Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner, available at

The name Jan Marini is one to be remembered.

I’ve had the privilege of reviewing Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner over the past seven days.  And after trying this product I can happily say that it’s one of the top conditioners I’d recommend to anyone.

I’ll have to admit; when I received the revitalizing conditioner last week, I was almost afraid to take it out of the box. It wasn’t that I was skeptical about trying Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner because at first glance and after reading the case studies for the conditioner, I knew I’d fall in love with it. I was “almost” afraid to take it out of the box because I knew that the moment I used it I would be addicted to it… I was right. I am officially addicted to a product that I can never again live without.

Jan Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner, available at Amazon.comNot one for reading directions, the first time I used it I got a little “spray happy” and ended up using more than I needed. I still saw results, but had I used it by following directions, I wouldn’t have wasted those few extra sprays. Needless to say, I still felt some improvement. The second day though, I decided to read the directions and spray just a few spays onto the palm of my hand, sparingly (as directed). I massaged it through my hair trying not to forget the scalp, and… what a huge difference that made.  I instantly saw and felt a difference in the texture, shine and body of my hair and my love for this conditioner has increased every day since.

What this product has done for me is simple; it’s given back the bounce and appeal that my hair once embraced. I’m sure that lots of women (and men) can agree with me when I say that hair becomes drab as we age. The vitality that once enriched each individual strand of hair has since dissipated and we’re left with unmanageable, unappealing mops atop of our heads. Fortunately it doesn’t happen to just a few of us…we all deal with it (sorry everyone).  So it’s really nice when a product (such as Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner) comes along and gives us the reason to cheer again. I for one am completely happy with the results thus far. Each day that I use Marini’s conditioner, my hair becomes more vibrant and notably thicker. Each day I feel a sense of confidence knowing that I have one thing that other people want… my radiant hair!

About Jan Marini – Jan Marini is the President and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. and is known for being one of the most respected names in skin care. Jan’s research has led to technology breakthroughs and it is her name that so many skin care professionals and consumers trust. Jan Marini offers 10 different lines of products to help in the rejuvenation of skin, hair and age intervention.

About Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner – the purpose of this conditioner is to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of aging, thinning and chemically-treated hair.  It dramatically increases the vitality of your hair and gives it renewed body and bounce. ARP $170.00 / 40z

Where to buy – You can call (800) 347-2223 for a personal skin care consultation for a referral to a Jan Marini Skin Research Authorized Reseller near you, buy Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner online at, or visit to shop online.

Award for #1 Innovative Hair Product for Spring 2009

In conclusion, I give Jan Marini’s Revitalizing Conditioner an award for being #1 in Innovative Hair Product for Spring 2009.

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