Relieving Tired Eyes… Gentle Treatments to Soothe Weary Eyes

Follow these tips to keep your peepers in the best possible condition:

1. Keep your eyes in great shape!

2. Avoid going to sleep until you’ve removed your makeup. Tiny flecks of mascara can irritate your eyes while you sleep and once you wake up from your slumber. Prevent these problems by removing your makeup each night before you go to sleep.

3. Apply a cool compress if ever you have a difficult time focusing on things. When you experience a degree of discomfort that prevents you from doing your work or handling a task, it is best to take a break and soothe the problem before proceeding.

4. Invest in an eye mask that you can place in the refrigerator. Keep this item cold in the fridge for only a few moments as directed, as they can eventually leak if left too long.

5. If you wear contacts, be vigilant with the directions. Remember to remove them at night if you are supposed to take them out. If you’ve got the disposable ones, use them as long as directed and begin the new set once that time has passed.

6. Visit your eye doctor as recommended.

7. Avoid putting your fingers in or near your eyes. Many illnesses, viruses and bacteria transmit with minimal contact to the eyes. Especially contagious, pink eye wreaks havoc on your eyes until it’s run its course.

For the perfect stress release and remedy for oily or not-so-perfect skin, apply a face masque and treat yourself to freshly sliced cucumber slices. Place one slice on each eye to reap the soothing effects and enjoy a healthy snack as you relax!

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