How to Select the Best Prom Gown Based on Body Type

Picking out a dress for prom is an exciting experience that many girls look forward to and enjoy remembering for years. Finding the perfect prom dress is a sort of precursory experience to finding the perfect wedding gown. As girls search for the best prom dress, several elements of consideration may aid in the hunt, including consideration of the best prom gown for a particular girl based on her body type.

Depending on the trends of the season, picking out a prom dress can be a cinch or a true quest. If you are looking for a prom dress that follows the trends of the season, you’ll find options in dozens if not hundreds of stores near you. If you want to find a prom gown outside of the typical trends, you might need a little more effort and some luck. Whatever the case, consider your body type in your hunt for the perfect prom gown as a wise start to your search.
Julia Hampton, CEO of NYC-based Nu-U Image Consulting, shares the following insight into the best style of prom gown based on a girl’s body type:

How can a girl discover which dresses look good on her body type?

“Some simple tips to remember are the certain styles that will work for your figure,” Hampton says.

Hampton suggests the following tips for picking the perfect prom gown for your body type:

For a fuller figure, go for an empire waist and a shorter hem. An empire waist will give you a long lean silhouette.

Hourglass or pear shape (small waist, full hips and bust)
You can look great in most dresses out there.  Dresses to look for to flatter you most would be strapless dresses and dresses with a cinched waist and shorter hem.

Triangle (small on top and heavier bottom)
Go for a longer bodice with full skirts to camouflage the hip area.  Look for cinched waists and cap sleeves as well to create a more balanced look.

Inverted Triangle (fuller on top)
Search for dresses with very simple necklines, no ruffles, bows or rouching on top that will only draw attention to that area. Create balance with a fuller skirt.

Thin and no curves (Slender)
Create curves with a bubble hem or A-line dress.  Look for detail on top which will give the illusion of something more. You can also play up your attributes with a floor length ball gown. Feel free to wear patterns and whatever color suits you best.

Shorter hemlines are the best.  Look for mid calf or mid knee dresses that won’t overtake your small frame. Small detail and solid colors are best so everyone see’s you and not just the dress.

– Tips courtesy of Julia Hampton, CEO of NYC-based Nu-U Image Consulting

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