Prom 2009 Hairstyle Trends and Themes

Prom hairstyles come in all shapes, styles, and dimensions, so picking the perfect hairstyle for you can be a fun challenge to undertake. Once you’ve picked out your prom gown, you can begin to consider your prom hairstyle. For tips on the trends and themes of hairstyles for prom 2009 – and prom hairstyles in general – read on!

For a beautiful look that lasts all night, prom hairstyles often do best when styled by your favorite hair stylist. You can, of course, style your own hair for prom if that is your preference or if your budget begs it. You can show off a sexy up-do for prom or a long and luxurious mane of curls or waves; you can rock a stylish hair accessory or you can leave your hair down and flowing. Whatever you decide, we hope you absolutely love it!
Renee Adkins, artistic director of Haircolorxperts in Cary, N.C., shares the following tips on selecting a prom hairstyle as well as the latest and hottest hairstyle trends and themes for prom 2009.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What is the main theme for prom hairstyles this year?

A. Renee Adkins – Think Amy Adams, low bun with fun texture. Think glamorous deep-side part. The theme is sleek yet slightly messy.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What kinds of styles would be popular for short hair?

A. Renee Adkins – Think Jennifer Hudson, piecey texture using pomade to sculpt and flip the ends after straightening.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What kinds of styles would be popular for medium length hair?

A. Renee Adkins – Think Reece Witherspoon, low bun with wispy pieces around the face.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What kinds of styles would be popular for long hair?

A. Renee Adkins – Think Kate Hudson, modernized traditional braid texturized and wavy.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Do you expect to see more up-dos or long and flowing hair worn down?

A. Renee Adkins – I expect to see a lot of wave and texture whether it be up or down.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Would you say straight hair or curly hair will be more popular for prom 2009?

A. Renee Adkins – It all depends on your individual personality and the style of your gown.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What are some popular hair accessories for prom hairstyles?

A. Renee Adkins – Think glamour and color and don’t be afraid to use flowers or feathers. Take risks!

Q. Life Love Beauty – Can you share any tips on do-it-yourself prom hairstyles?  

A. Renee Adkins – Pull some back with a sparkly accessory and curl remaining hair.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Anything else you would like to add?

A. Renee Adkins – Have fun, relax and don’t be afraid to bring pictures with you to the salon for reference.

About the Expert:
Renee Adkins has more than 14 years experience in the industry, including extensive experience at high-end spas, as well as two years experience as a Redken Artist.  Adkins earned an associate’s degree from Stanly Community College and has studied in New York; Washington, D.C.; Phoenix; Las Vegas and Dallas.  She has received several industry awards, including the Golden Scissors award, which honors artistic and creative expression, as well as the All-Star award in which recipients are leaders in fashion, retail and sports apparel.

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