How to Create the Perfect Pucker – Great Makeup Tips for Lips

Your lips are one of the most noticeable features on your face, and they show off so many different expressions and emotions. For a perfect pout or a perfect pucker, you might want to experiment with some new and exciting makeup tips for lips.

From lip liner to lip gloss, here are some favorite tips on applying cosmetics on your lips. Find the tips that you like best and you can easily have a perfect pucker or perfect pout, too.
Creating the Perfect Pucker with Lipstick, Lip Liner, and Lip Gloss
Sometimes all it takes to create the perfect pucker is a little bit of confidence and your favorite cosmetics meant for lips. Try these tips to create a smoochable set of lips.

“I create the perfect pucker by applying a layer of lipstick, blotting my lips on a tissue, and then reapplying another layer. For some reason, this method seems to help the color last longer. Then I apply a layer of clear lip gloss, for shine.”
– Viv Sicherman, NY

“The perfect pucker begins with nude lip-liner and a neutral, matte pink shade of lipstick. I keep my lips in good shape by keeping them hydrated with either plain Vaseline, ChapStick or tinted lip balm. I prefer a natural, healthy look.”
– Anne Sicherman, NY

“I use foundation on my lips then I lip line them. Use 4 different lipsticks and then add lip venom.”
– Rosanne Morrison, IL

“My tip… put Vaseline on your lips at bedtime… wake up with soft smooth lips.”
– Susan Simon, PA

“Wash your face every night and use a retina A component to take away the wrinkles!”
– Lorie Ann Corron, MD

“Keep your lips moist to prevent cracking and dryness and choose your lip-gloss or lipstick that suits your individual skin type. Try samples before you buy if possible to see how they look and feel before buying the full sized product.”
– Angela Jacobs, CA

“I create the perfect pucker by exfoliating my lips, applying a little bit of Shea butter, then applying some lip stick or lip gloss. Also, I think that confidence is what makes a sexy kiss!”
– Jennifer Jiggetts, MD

“My tip for creating a perfect pucker is to first start by exfoliating your lips with a soft bristle toothbrush. Wet it and lightly rub your lips with it to take off dead skin. Next put on a ChapStick like Burt’s Bees to help them stay healthy and unchapped and it has a great peppermint taste. And finally, put on a lip gloss of your fave shade. I also suggest one with a great taste that you and your guy both love..and last but not least. Enjoy ;)”
– Kristen Grey, VA

“To create a smooth, perfectly formed pucker, I put my base liquid makeup on my lips. Then, I carefully outline my lips with a lip liner… and then lipstick… blot… and a light layer of lip gloss! Makes for a perfect, pouty mouth every time!

“But having perfectly made-up lips is only step one… the ultimate goal is the perfect kiss! Slow and sensual, quick and passionate — both can be fantastic, but only if you are kissing the right mate! After waiting 38 years for the ideal mate, I can safely say I have kissed many frogs until I found my prince!”
– Dru Mooney, NC (Engaged to be married October 2009)

“I have fair skin.  What I do to create the perfect pout is use a neutral liner and usually use a medium to light color on the lips because I love to play up the eyes and don’t want to appear overly made up.  When I go lighter on the eyes, I will reach for my red or dark coral lipstick.”
– Michelle Henriquez, CA

“Use a lip liner that is close to your natural lip color. Choose a fun, flirty shade of lipstick in pink, red or berry. Finish with a soft, shiny lip gloss. I like kissing to be slow, taking time to explore. Eye contact and whispered sweet nothings are turn-ons.”
– Veronica Garrett, GA

According to many women who apply makeup to their lips, these are the top elements of a perfect pucker or a sexy set of lips:

•    Lip liner
•    Blotting excess lipstick
•    Gloss for shine

For the perfect kiss, make sure you keep your lips in great shape – moisturized and supple. Paint on the perfect pucker or the perfect pout and have fun!

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