Five Anti-Aging Tips for Under $5

We’re always on the lookout for tips and products that make us look and feel younger. In many cases, anti-aging products and anti-aging cosmetic procedures come at a cost. Luckily, though, you can still do things to make yourself look younger without spending a bundle.

To get a younger appearance, consider these five easy, anti-aging tips for looking younger for less than $5. Celebrity makeup artist Mickey Williams shares the following five anti-aging tips you can try for under $5.

Mickey Williams’ Tips for Looking Younger for Less
Celebrity makeup artist Mickey Williams suggests the following inexpensive anti-aging tips:

Tip 1:  Lighten up.  White eyeliner eliminates the red rim that makes you look tired and ages your look. Gently apply a white or beige liner to the inner rim of your eye for an immediate pick-me-up and eye brightener.

Tip2:  Back away from the tweezers.   Not only are fuller thicker eyebrows all the rage for fall, they also push the rewind button on your overall look.  If you’re brows are over-tweezed or thin by nature, pick up a light blonde pencil and start filling in.   You don’t want to see the color on your skin, just a light shadow which can only be achieved by light blonde or taupe.

Tip 3: Ditch dark circles with concealer.  Heavy base makeup can actually define the fine lines and creases that make us look older. Using a lightweight concealer as spot corrector is one of the best ways to hide bags and discoloration and ultimately erase years from your appearance:   hide dark circles under the eyes by lightly pressing it in the groove that creates the bag and or circle; highlight the area over your eyebrows, along your jawbone and down the center of your nose to create dimension and an unrecognizable glow;  and gently blend the concealer around the edges of your nose where any redness or blotchiness is visible.

Tip 4:  Brighten up those pearly whites.  A bright smile will turn heads as well as turn back the hands of the time.  People don’t realize how stained teeth age them, or how pearly white teeth make them look younger!  Loads of teeth whitening products are out there, but nothing is more affordable and effortless than using the original teeth whitener baking soda – just mix with water to make a paste and brush onto your teeth.

Tip 5:   Luscious lips make you look years younger.  Fine lines and wrinkles on the lips can add years to the face.  To keep lips looking young, keep them moisturized and use an anti-aging lip balm like Blistex Deep Renewal, which has hyaluronic acid to improve skin condition and give lips a fuller appearance, Coenzyme Q 10 for moisturization and overall revitalization and light refractors to keep lips smooth.

– Tips courtesy of celebrity makeup artist Mickey Williams

Now that you know five ways to look younger for less, give it a shot. Do your part to brighten your smile, moisturize your lips, conceal your dark under-eye circles, lay off the tweezing for your brows, and hide the red rim of your eyes with white or beige eyeliner. The expense is small and you’ll look and feel younger in no time!

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