Healthy School Lunch Guide – Lunches that Kids and Even Adults Will Enjoy

Creating healthy school lunches that children will actually enjoy and eat to the last tiny morsel is not as easy a task as one might think. It’s often difficult to find healthy items to purchase when shopping for school lunches. Check out these healthy school lunch ideas! (Photo by Susan M. Keenan)Plus, it’s difficult to get your kids to want to eat these food choices when everyone else around them has French fries, candy, chips, and cookies.

Try and think about how difficult it is to discipline yourself to continue eating the green salad and crisp apple that you packed for your own healthy lunch while all of your coworkers are sitting there munching their fast food meals that smell so good and pre-wrapped goodies that look so good. There’s good news though because despite the initial difficulty one might experience when looking for healthy school lunch choices, it is more than possible to find healthy options that everyone in the family will enjoy. Read on to discover several healthy food options that will have your kids helping you to pack their lunch boxes each day.

Back to Nature Snack Blends

Back to Nature offers several delicious varieties of their 100% natural nutty snack mix. My family has tried three of these so far and to be perfectly honest with you, I cannot wait until I try all of them. These snacks are so good that trying not to hog them all for myself instead of sharing with the kids is a difficult task. That’s great news for you though because these are healthy foods that offer lots of nutrition without the “bad” ingredients that prepackaged foods often include.

The three varieties that my family tried include the Back to Nature Bar Harbor Blend, Pistachio, Cashews & Almond Mix, and the Nantucket Blend. Each of these treats is sold in a generous 10 ounce package that provides more than enough for several children to enjoy with a bit leftover for the adults in the household as well. It is recommended, and I heartedly agree, that this snack be given only to children 6 years of age and older.

The Back to Nature Snack blends are easy to package for school lunches since you can place small portions in snack-size Ziploc baggies or small containers. Plus, the sweetness of the dried fruit eliminates the clamoring for candy while the crunchy goodness of the nuts eliminates the clamoring for salty chips.

Back to Nature “Bar Harbor Blend”

Bar Harbor Blend by Back to Nature (Photo by Susan M. Keenan)This delightful mix of cranberries, dark chocolate covered almonds, and vanilla almonds is one of my personal favorites. In fact, this is one of everyone’s favorites in my family simply because it has just the right blend of crunchy goodness, chewy texture, and delicious flavoring. Anticipation fuels the kids through their morning when they know that this Back to Nature offering is sitting in their lunch pail or bag.

The crunchiness of the almonds satisfies the need most humans have to chew and chomp on food that tastes good while the sweetness of the cranberries offers the counterbalance of chewy goodness. It’s a tough choice to pick a favorite from this selection of nuts and fruit from Back to Nature since each one of them tastes out of this world!

Pistachio, Cashews, & Almond Mix by Back to Nature (Photo by Susan M. Keenan)Back to Nature “Pistachio, Cashews & Almond Mix”

Delicately roasted with sea salt, this nut mix is perfect for little fingers and hungry appetites. Offering a big taste without the added oils and salts that so many snack mixes come with, the Pistachio, Cashews & Almond mix provides a perfect treat without the undesirable residue provided by so many other nutty snacks. In fact, this is a perfect snack for children after they have finished eating their main lunch course. There’s no need to worry about oily fingers creating difficulty packing up their lunch items for the next day. One tip that I have to offer is that you should only give the Pistachio, Cashews & Almond Mix to a child who enjoys pistachios because this flavor permeates the cashews and almonds totally.

Back to Nature “Nantucket Blend”

This is the perfect blend for those who cannot make up their mind between a fruity snack and a nutty one. The 10-ounce package is jammed pack full of pistachios, almonds, dried cherries, raisins, and dried cranberries. More likely than not, your kids will enjoy every handful of this tasty treat that is 100% natural and contains no harmful additives. The nuts in particular do pose a choking hazard in children younger than this. The presence of the pistachios does not seem to have an effect on the dried fruit in the Nantucket Blend however. This particular blend offers a greater portion of dried fruit, so it is an excellent choice to add into the lunches of picky eaters who typically avoid fruit and veggies.

Back to Nature Snack Cracker Blends

Try Back to Nature crackers for a healthy lunchtime snack. (Photo by Susan M. Keenan)While these crackers are flavorful enough to stand alone on their own, combining them with a small container of your child’s favorite dip is an excellent idea. Not only does this simple touch increase the pleasure of a healthy and tasteful lunch, but also, it gives you the chance to switch it up several times throughout the week.

One of the benefits of this healthy snack is the fact that it comes without trans fat or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. What could be more natural than a cracker made with flavor that comes from Mother Nature herself? These Back to Nature cracker blends are sold in 6.5-ounce boxes that are easy to store and just as easy to tuck away into a briefcase for a mid-afternoon snack for yourself.

Sesame Tarragon Crackers

A crisp six-sided cracker, the Sesame Tarragon cracker offers a satisfying, hearty flavor that undoubtedly includes both sesame and tarragon. The flavors are distinctive enough to stand out while blending together in a satisfying culinary taste temptation. For those children who want something more than just a cracker, adding small squares sliced cheese in the lunchbox will give those little fingers something to do as they put together their own mini-sandwiches. I found that any one of the Back to Nature cracker blends could easily be substituted for the less healthy snacks of potato chips or salty pretzels.

Sunflower Basil Crackers

You get a hint of the lightness of this cracker blend from the soft yellow coloring of the 100% recycled paperboard box. Offering a unique blend of sunflower kernels with fragrant basil, this savory cracker gives a satisfying crunch with a taste that simply melts on the tongue. Children love this flavor whether they are eating it solo or with a bit of cheese. In fact, this cracker is great for in between meals in add
ition to lunches. It’s light enough to satisfy transient hunger pangs without completely ruining dinner. This flavor is great for younger kids who have discerning taste buds that prefer simple tastes to strong ones.

Poppy Thyme Crackers

Packed full of flavor, this cracker not only feeds the tummy, it also feeds the spirit. From the moment this cracker hits the tongue, you get a sensation of just how healthy it truly is. There’s no heaviness filled with salt and artificial flavorings at all. Instead, the cracker tastes fresh and filled with natural flavor. Kids like its speckled appearance thanks to the tiny poppy seeds that contribute to the great taste. This particular flavor stands alone well but it can also be paired up with a bit of cheese or even a tiny scoop of flavored dip. It’s satisfying while being healthy and nutritious.

Back to Nature Cookies

Try Back to Nature cookies for a healthy lunchtime snack. (Photo by Susan M. Keenan)Back to Nature Cookies are available in three tasty varieties including Fudge Mint, Fudge Striped, and Vanilla Wafers. The packaging is attractive giving this product a good edge against other popular brands of cookies that are just as attractively packaged. The package size ranges from 6.4 ounces to 8.5 ounces depending on the variety that you select. Since no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors are used in Back to Nature Cookies, these are an excellent and healthy option to most preprocessed cookies on the market today. Plus, there are no hydrogenated oils or fructose corn syrup in them either. It’s almost as though mom herself baked these cookies.

So far, my family has only had the opportunity to try the Fudge Mint flavor. Pleasing in taste and satisfying to hunger pangs are two of the phrases that come to mind for this tasty treat. These are great additions to any healthy school lunch since they offer that added taste of wetness that most of us crave once we’ve eaten the main food sources in our lunches. It’s nice also that these cookies are individually partitioned in the package so they don’t stick together.

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