Best of Spring Beauty 2009 for Hair – H2Pro 300 Special Edition Flat Iron

It didn’t take long to complete my review for the newly released H2Pro 300 special edition flat iron. H2Pro Flat IronFrom the moment my hair met the flat iron I was in awe. Each strand was left with a silky shine that said “I’m so healthy, straight, and sexy;” I was utterly impressed with the outcome and give the H2Pro two huge thumbs up for quality. It’s the perfect addition to anyone’s hair care collection for 2009.

The H2Pro can reach 450 degrees in a matter of seconds and is ready for use. It can tame even the wildest hair and will leave you looking breathless. It is an impeccable flat iron with a dial knob to set a preferred temperature of your choosing (from 140 – 450 degrees), a very long and sturdy cord that’s great for moving around the room, and a convenient on/off switch. It has a sleek black body and ceramic tourmaline iron plates.
H2Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron

The tourmaline treated plates are perfect for repelling humidity and they leave a shinier, frizz-free hairstyle that lasts all day (and as far out as the next day / evening). The ionic technology combined in the H2Pro is great for moisturizing hair and proves to remove pollutants and bacteria from the hair.

When I received the H2Pro, it was all I could do to keep it in the box and contain myself from the excitement within. Once I used it, I knew people would notice something different about me; friends, family and acquaintances asked if I had it straightened recently (I’m talking salon pricy results here). It was pretty neat to see their reactions when I told them that I did it at home with my new H2Pro. My confidence has boosted tenfold since I’ve been using the iron and I just know that it’s because of my hair’s appearance (Thanks H2Pro)!

I want to take a moment to recap on the ionic technology incorporated in the H2Pro and how it helps protect your hair. When the typical regime for taking care of your hair involves the use of color, hair sprays / gels and other such things, pollutants and bacteria become a big problem. Hair becomes unmanageable, dry, and brittle. The “ionic technologies” are components derived from Nano Ti + Nano TiO2 + Nano Ag used for bringing style and health benefits back to your hair. At the same time, these components help cleanse, purify, and moisturize your hair. The results are truly amazing. It completely transforms you hair from that dry, unhealthy, frizzing facade to a radiant, healthy, straight shine that’ll knock your socks off…

If you are looking to update your current flat iron with something new this spring season, I can assure you that the H2Pro 300 special edition flat iron is the one you need.

For more information on purchasing you very own H2Pro, call their toll-free number at 800-896-7728 or you can visit While you’re there, take a look at the other products they have to offer.

*Suggested Retail Price: $160.00

Award for Best of Spring Beauty for Hair 2009

I now give the H2Pro 300 special edition flat iron an award for being #1 in its class… For knowing just what we need when it comes to styling our hair and for continuing to provide us with the best products when it comes to our straightening needs! GREAT JOB!

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