Easter Entertaining Tips for Kids of All Ages – How to Make Gum Pops

Every time Easter is close to hopping into our days, the kids and I like to find ways to keep us entertained. Make these delightful Easter gum pops with this recipe from Beth Kimmerle.If the craft involves something that will be edible afterwards, than that’s even better. After all, who doesn’t enjoy eating their own creations?

I’m sure that with “spring” comes spring cleaning (for most of us) and our poor little ones patiently (not always eagerly) await the completion of this long and overbearing task that parents feel so obligated to do. We know it must drive the kids crazy, and we’re not their favorite people at that moment, but, I have a solution that can rid your kid’s frustration for many hours.

This craft idea is such an ingenious idea that I wish I had the smarts to have thought it up myself, but I didn’t (darn). I do, however, wish to give credit where credit is due; the wonderful candy expert and chocolate historian, Beth Kimmerle. This wonderful lady has gifted me with a cool and exciting recipe that will kick those springtime “spring cleaning” blues out the door and leave your kids wanting more. What’s more; it’s perfect for those Easter gatherings when you want to be the one showing up with home-crafted gifts.

The girls and I personally had a great time. We shared in silly stories and told jokes as we squeezed gum between our hands as we made them. The girls enjoyed every bit of the fun that exploded at our kitchen table. The wait for the pops to set was a little agonizing, but once they bit into what “they” made, it was all worth it.

It’s great for any budget and gives many hours of fun not only for the kids but for the whole family. The reward; a beautifully decorated gum pop!

Beth’s concept is perfect for giving kids of all ages a great activity and fun decoration for spring.

Make these delightful Easter gum pops with this recipe from Beth Kimmerle.This is all you need to make some far out, gorgeous gum pops:

You will need:
1.    Plastic candy mold
2.    Several softened sticks of gum
3.    Lollipop sticks
4.    Vegetable oil or non-stick spray

Gum color recommendations:
1.    Juicy Fruit for yellow
2.    5 Elixir and Lush for pink and orange
3.    Extra Fruit Sensations Berry Paradise for purple
4.    Extra Spearmint for green
5.    Hubba Bubba Max Island Punch for blue and green

1.    Clean and dry plastic molds. Using vegetable oil or non-stick spray, lightly grease inside mold cavities. Set molds aside.

2.    Unwrap and soften stick gum by kneading in the palm of your hand.  The amount of gum you will need depends on mold size, but start by kneading several sticks at a time and once soft, place and press firmly into mold cavity.  If more gum is needed, repeat steps until mold is completely filled. The softer the gum, the better. Try a brand like Juicy Fruit for best results.

3.    To transform molded shapes into lollipops, lay sticks along the back of the mold and cover with additional pieces of softened gum.

4.    Once molds are filled and sticks are in place, give each a final press and place in refrigerator for about one hour or until gum is completely hardened.  Once chilled, remove plastic molds, gently ease gum shape from cavity and enjoy!

See, I bet just reading the simple instructions made you drool. I know your mind started wondering who you were going to be gifting these with on Easter Sunday…. I’ve got an answer; everyone. You mustn’t leave anyone out, trust me, they’ll know.



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