Fun Easter Activities to Do as a Family; PAAS Easter Egg Dye Kits Review

I’ve always enjoyed crafts that the kids and I can do together. Paas Easter Egg Dye Kits are a timeless way to celebrate. (Photos by Barbara Baker)And, no matter what the occasion; family fun is (in my home) always a must. It’s a way for my kids to feel included in whatever it is we have going on. Sharing these moments with my kids also inspires and motivates their creativity, which is such an important part of their emotional and developmental skills.

For more than 125 years, PAAS has been helping all Americans celebrate Easter. PAAS has indulged us with Easter egg decorating kits that the whole family can enjoy. From flowers and stickers to paints and dyes, this visual candy has and always will be considered a “must have” on Easter!

Aside from the important biblical reasons for celebrating Easter, it is also a time for any and all children to let their imaginations soar. The anticipation of where the Easter bunny will hide their decorated eggs for them to seek, the glorious food atop of each table, and the family gatherings that last the whole day through. Easter is a special day for all of us and how we celebrate this day is as different as each magnificently decorated egg.

Paas Easter Egg Dye Kits are a timeless way to celebrate. (Photos by Barbara Baker)Paas Easter Egg Dye Kits are a timeless way to celebrate. (Photos by Barbara Baker)Paas Easter Egg Dye Kits are a timeless way to celebrate. (Photos by Barbara Baker)

Paas Easter Egg Dye kits are fun for the whole family. (Photos by Barbara Baker)When my family received the new PAAS kits in the mail, I guarantee the noise in the house rose about 100 Decibels. The excitement was pretty high not only for the kids, but for me too. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays, and to get these kits in the mail was like opening the doors to spring.

Now, although I really wanted to, we didn’t tear into the kits that day. A close friend of mine and I decided to make a special day of it. We wanted to do a little pre-Easter, Easter day celebration. So, that following Sunday we came together and planned for a Bar-B-Q. We let the kids play outside while “us moms” boiled eggs and prepared the craft table inside; the dads sat outside tending to the fire and watching kids – without really knowing that we planned it that way (LOL).

The PAAS kits were a success… the kids were entertained for hours and not a single argument broke. Each child picked a spot, started with that kit, and worked their way around the table until each kit was tried. Then we let them do one egg with a little of each kit (a concoction of fun, if you may). Once they decorated their eggs, we took pictures and asked the kids what they thought. They loved it so much that they can’t wait to do it again… looks like we’re going shopping.

The kits I received were as follows:
Paas Easter Egg Dye kits are fun for the whole family. (Photos by Barbara Baker)PAAS color squirt – this kit was pretty fun. The kids were able to use their muscles with this one. They “squirted” the eggs with color using a little paint pump and their choice of color. This kit comes with a 12-piece egg drying tray, 12 silly circles, 8 egg stands, and 6 PAAS food coloring tablets; 3 pouches of non-toxic paint, 3 paint pumps, 1 plastic tray, and 1 egg dipper.

PAAS flower power – The kids really loved this… they were all VERY sticker happy! The kit includes 45 flower power stickers, 20 multi-color flower sequins, 12 piece egg drying tray, 12 silly circles, 8 egg stands and 6 PAAS food coloring tablets; 5 flower power strands, 1 egg dipper and 1 non-toxic glue pen.

PAAS brilliant beads – Whether it’s a girl or boy decorating an egg with this kit, they’re going to have fun. It’s like the “momma” of all kits. This kit included 37 stickers, 15 piece egg drying tray, 15 silly circles, 12 egg strands and 6 PAAS food coloring tablets; 4 bags of multi-colored beads, 2 glitter pens, 1 non-toxic glue pen, and 1 egg dipper. Deviled Eggs are a great end result of Easter Egg Dyeing Adventures! (Photo by Barbara Baker)

I had so much fun with the kids and kits that I’d recommend purchasing a few extra kits this year. What I like to do is stack the boxes away and every once in a while (as a “just because” day) pull them out and have some fun. It doesn’t have to be a holiday to entertain your child with a PAAS kit, trust me. The plus to the whole experience is that it makes for some wonderfully delicious Deviled eggs afterwards!!!

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