Easter and Passover Entertaining Tips for Hosting a Family Event

When celebrating Easter and Passover with family, friends, and neighbors, take some time to think of special ways to show you care. Easter is a great time to host a party and have some fun. (Photo by Barbara Baker)You can have lots of fun planning new Easter / Passover traditions or following old Easter / Passover traditions. If you’d like to host a family event at your own home for Easter or Passover, consider some of these entertaining tips for hosting the holidays.

If you want to host Easter or Passover at your home, consider your cooking and serving plan (buffet style may work well for larger groups), as well as your decorations (fresh flowers, candles, and reed diffusers can go a long way in adding delightful fragrance to your home). Get creative with your entertaining style and your home decorations for Easter and Passover. Most of all, celebrate the special time with your family and loved ones.

Here are a few additional tips from various experts in special events and entertaining:

Easter and Passover Tips for Entertaining – By Alison Minton
Holidays are wonder opportunities to gather a family together to celebrate traditions and observe religious beliefs, but they can also be stressful and expensive for the host and hostess. This spring, a few simple time and money saving tips can make Easter or Passover more enjoyable for the hosts and more colorful for the guests.

1. Forego an expensive floral arrangement as a centerpiece and fill a large glass bowl or wide-neck vase with colorful fruit instead.
Lemons, limes, tangerines, plums, small apples, and even small pomegranates work well. Choose one colorful type of fruit or combine several for a more vibrant display. Or, fill a large glass bowl with colorful Easter eggs, decorated by the children in the family.  Plastic eggs work, too, and the kind that open can hide small surprises or fortunes that make a fun diversion during dessert. More elegant table settings can be spruced up with a round, flat mirror upon which several white or ivory votive candles should be placed.

2. Instead of ordering an expensive cake from a local bakery, bake or buy a plain cake and coat it with store bought vanilla frosting.
Decorate the top with edible flowers or confetti sprinkles. Or, for really informal family gatherings, set out vanilla frosted cupcakes and an array of toppings for do it yourself fun that both kids and grownups love. Sprinkles, gummy bears, M&Ms, and jelly beans all work well.

3. Freeze green grapes and use them instead of or in addition to ice cubes in water or lemonade glasses for a colorful twist. The grapes won’t float, but can be alternated with ice cubes for a parfait effect without altering the taste of the drink.

4. In lieu of tomatoes, add color and flavor to ordinary green salads with fruit and chopped nuts.
Dried strawberries, mandarin orange slices, or grapefruit slices (not all three at once) are especially tasty with darker greens, and vinaigrette dressing.

5. For some families, homemade soup is a staple of any holiday gathering. A nice, light, simple one for spring is my Italian grandmother’s own recipe:

Grandma Gondiosa’s Peas & Pasta Soup

1.    Boil water in medium saucepan.  Add 4 oz of Ronzoni Ditalini 40 (best) or Tubettini 42 and cook according to directions on package.  Drain and set aside.
2.    In another medium saucepan heat 1-2 tablespoons of oil (I recommend Canola oil) and chopped onion, as much as desired, and sauté lightly.
3.    Add 4 oz of canned Del Monte tomato sauce and stir until hot.
4.    Add a 15 oz can of peas and stir until hot.
5.    Add approx 22 oz of water (1.5 peas cans of water) and stir until hot.
6.    Add a pinch each of salt & pepper.
7.    Add the pasta to the tomato sauce mixture, stir and serve.

Sassy Easter Celebration – By Steve Kemble, “America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru”

The Devil Made You Do It!
What better time than Easter to have fun with your deviled eggs! Be creative and fill them with wonderful ingredients! They are wonderful hollowed and filled with scrambled eggs and topped with bacon, or how about pimento cheese? The sky is the limit, so be creative!!

Rollin! Rollin!
A fun activity for kids and adults alike is an Easter Egg Roll on the lawn. It is an Easter tradition everyone loves! Divide your guests up into teams, and then set up an area where they can paint their eggs in the spirit of their team name. Make it more challenging by poking a hole in the ends of the egg and draining (or blowing) out the raw contents.  The light egg adds an extra challenge to the Roll!

Spring Flowers!
Start your traditional Easter meal with a wonderful salad garnished with beautiful fresh edible flowers (so Sassy!) like nasturtium. Not only does this flower have a wonderful peppery taste, but it is beautiful as well!

Go Out!
In most parts of the country, Easter weather is glorious and one of the first opportunities to enjoy being alfresco. If at all possible, plan a picnic and Sassy it up with china and fresh flowers. Your guests will love being outdoors and will enjoy an Easter occasion that is a little less formal. Lawn games, such as croquet and volleyball, add great fun as well!

Work It! … on the Runway…
Easter is the time when most of the country presents a new look. Everyone remembers as a child getting those Easter outfits, and for most of us as adults, it is still the perfect excuse for a new ensemble! Set up a mock runway and stage a fashion show right in your home. Have the fathers escort their daughters! Give all disposable cameras and let them snap away like the paparazzi at the best couture shows in Paris and Milan as your guests “work it!”

Sassy Entertaining Tip
Want to really dress up your table? Take a white table cloth and make it extra Sassy by attaching (with safety pins) feather boas to the bottom of the cloth in wonderful pastel colors. It makes for a great border. For an extra Sassy touch, take boas in those colors and tie them to the back of each guest’s chair. So festive and fun, and the perfect favor for your guests to take home with them!

Sassy Fashion Tip
Easter is about bonnets! Go to a local discount store and buy simple straw bonnets. Supply your guests with feathers, glitter, plastic flowers, ribbon spray paint and fabric remnants. Have a contest for the best bonnet! Make yours in advance and parade around like a proud peacock! It will inspire others to do the same!

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