Top 10 Fun Spring Date Ideas for Couples

Springtime is a wonderful time to explore a new love or reignite the spark of your established relationship. Whether you are looking for a first date idea in the spring, a springtime double date idea, or a romantic date for your steady relationship, spring is the season of love and new beginnings in nature. Consider these top 10 fun spring date ideas for couples to help you easily plan your romantic date or double date.

1.    Pick wildflowers together. Visit a meadow, park, or other nature-filled location and pick a few wildflowers together. See who can find the most beautiful flower during your date, and then place a blanket on the ground and lay back to find shapes in the clouds together.

2.    Go fishing together and see who can catch the biggest fish or the most fish. What fun a spring date becomes when you add in the element of competition. Challenge your date to a fishing contest and see who wins. Just be sure you have a fishing license if your state requires it.

3.    Go for a walk in the park or other nature habitat and try to identify different bird calls.
You can have a lot of fun learning new things about nature together. Before your bird-watching trip, check out the birds that are native to your area and try to identify at least a few that you can keep an eye and an ear out for. You may be able to find recordings of their specific bird calls online to help acquaint you with each different species. You could also go for a hike along a scenic canal, river, or up a beautiful mountain.

4.    Visit a park with an onsite lake and spend some time skipping stones. Your spring date idea doesn’t have to cost money and it surely doesn’t have to be elaborate. Relax, enjoy the beautiful, natural scenery, and skip stones, casting your cares away.

5.    Rent a boat on a nice sunny day and cruise around the lake. Consider a canoe or a rowboat for the two of you or a larger boat like a pontoon boat for a group date. Boating can be lots of fun for a spring or summer date.

6.    Plan a picnic lunch. One of the most romantic warm weather date ideas is going on a picnic with the one you love or like. Make up some sandwiches or kick things up a notch and pick up a bottle of wine and a ring of shrimp cocktail for an especially romantic picnic lunch. Find a beautiful spot to set your blanket and indulge in each other’s company.

7.    Take an early trip to the seashore, even though the ocean may not be warm enough for swimming. As long as you have some sunshine and a decent temperature, you can comb the shoreline for seashells, beach glass, driftwood, and pretty stones. You can also take a walk along the boardwalk to enjoy the sights and discover if any of the attractions are open to the public yet. This makes a special and memorable spring date idea.

8.    Attend a major league or minor league baseball game, or playoff hockey game if that is more your speed. A baseball game can be great fun for sports fans, and springtime makes for nice weather to plan a date to the ballpark. Buy a couple of beers, hotdogs, and soft pretzels and you should be all set for a delightful and fun spring date.

9.    Challenge your sweetheart to a round of miniature golf or chip-n-putt. After you putt up or shut up, the loser buys ice cream or Italian water ice for both of you to enjoy.

10.    Take a workshop or art class and learn to do a new craft or skill together. You can do something creative like pottery or ceramics or something a bit more outrageous for your spring date idea – like glassblowing! Look for venues offering classes near you as you plan your fun and exciting spring date.

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