Best of Spring and Summer Beauty 2009 – Hot Beauty Products for Your Nails

If you are looking for the hottest beauty products for nails for spring and summer 2009, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured and searched to find only the top notch products to give you beautiful, strong, and healthy nails this season. From nail polish remover that smells great to creative nail art pens for dressing up your nails with festive nail designs, and everything in between, we bring you the best of spring and summer beauty 2009 – hot beauty products for your nails.

Read on to discover our favorite nail care and nail design products!

Top 2009 Nail Art Design Pen Collection – Beach Babez Collection Two-Way Nail Art Pen by nubar
For the artist in all of us, nubar offers the Beach Babez Two-Way Nail Art Pen Collection, which includes eight different fun-in-the-sun shades. This kit contains everything you need for a fun filled spring and summer of beautiful, artistic nail designs. Each nubar nail art pen in the Beach Babez Two-Way Nail Art Pen Collection has a brilliant hue, with the exception of the white nail art pen, which is essential for many fun nail designs.

The Beach Babez Two-Way Nail Art Pen Collection includes the following nail pen colors: nubar NAP 177 Lulu Purple, nubar NAP 175 Barbie Pink, nubar NAP 176 Betty Blue, nubar NAP 180 Gidgit Green, nubar NAP 179 Susie Orange, nubar NAP 181 Yollie Yellow, nubar NAP 182 Patra Purple, and nubar NAP 178 Wendy White. For the most part, these fun spring and summer nail colors offer a bold and iridescent tone.

Another beauty of the Beach Babez Two-Way Nail Art Pen Collection is that each nail art pen offers two different ways to creatively design your nails. Unscrew the nail pen’s cap to reveal a long and very fine paintbrush tip, delivering ease in detail work, stripes, and larger designs as well. Simply pull off the top portion of the cap instead and you’ll find a tiny metal tip that you can use to decorate your nails by gently squeezing the nail art pen until the desired amount of nail polish comes out.

I could go on and on about how much I love this great nail product for spring and summer beauty this year, but I know I’ll be enjoying it for a long time to come… and I’m sure you’d like to find out about some other hot nail products for spring and summer 2009….

The Beach Babez Two-Way Nail Art Pen Collection by nubar retails for $39.95 and is available at

Top 2009 Nail Polish Remover for Spring and Summer 2009 – dazzle dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover
dazzle dry Lemongrass Nail Polish RemoverIf you are looking for a new brand of nail polish remover that doesn’t leave your hands dry and your skin reeking of acetone, try dazzle dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover this spring and summer. This lemony fresh nail polish remover – surprise – smells great and moisturizes your skin, nails, and cuticles instead of drying out your skin like so many other nail polish remover products.

In all truth, dazzle dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover is the fastest acting nail polish remover I’ve ever used. A mere one or two swipes with a cotton ball using this great nail polish remover easily and immediately removes nail polish, even if it’s more than a week old. I loved how quickly and easily dazzle dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover removed the old nail polish from my fingernails and toenails, and I found the lingering lemony scent to be a major benefit as well.

The dazzle dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover does contain acetone, but doesn’t leave the nasty odor of acetone on your hands and feet after removing nail polish. Other ingredients in dazzle dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover include water, glycerin, lemongrass essential oil, and clove essential oil. The essential oils truly are a blessing in this beauty product for spring and summer 2009 and beyond. In fact, I think this product is well worth changing from your typical drugstore brand nail polish remover in a heartbeat!

An 8 oz. bottle of dazzle dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover retails for $10.50. You can buy this product online at VB Cosmetics.

Top 2009 Fun and Flirty Nail Polish Collection for Warm Weather – Orly Tiki Time Collection and Carnivale Collection

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