Fun with Bendaroos – A Cool Springtime Activity to Do with Your Kids

There’s so much to say about Bendaroos (I don’t even know where to begin)…Bendaroos come in many different colors. (Photo by Barbara Baker)

They bring fun and excitement to any room, windows or wall. Bendaroos are perfect for kids of all ages; they open eyes to the world of imagination and they certainly entertain for hours and hours!

Sadly, I do have to admit that before I was offered the opportunity to review Bendaroos (like most parents); I wasn’t much for paying attention to the commercials for them. My daughters would scream out “I WANT THAT!” every time they heard the word “Bendaroos” or saw a commercial for them. Unfortunately, I just didn’t think that they’d be worth paying for (I hate being wrong).

However, I knew that my girls wanted these things, so I was pretty excited about trying them out AND, I knew that this would be a great way to put any skepticism behind me. It worked… these Bendaroos really are amazing and need to be on your list of “must haves” for spring things to do with the kids!

Barbara Baker's daughters enjoy playing with Bendaroos on the walls of their home. (Photo by Barbara Baker)I’ll be the first to declare that my kids aren’t always the kindest ones. They fight like most siblings and are very territorial about “their things”, but when I opened the box of Bendaroos it was like opening the gates to serenity. Not a single argument broke out. The box was filled with plenty of color strips for everyone to do what they wished. They happily helped each other create and were eager to have me take a look at what they did – TOGETHER!

There’s just so much that you and your little ones (and teen ones) can create with Bendaroos. All along my walls were dragons and swirls, flowers and suns, astronauts and space ships. It was just amazing to see what these kids were concocting. It was delightful to hear the subtle laughs and cheers throughout the house. What’s more; not one of them complained that they couldn’t make anything with the Bendaroos.

Bendaroos come in many different colors. (Photo by Barbara Baker)I definitely, without a doubt, applaud the creator of Bendaroos. These “magical” wax strips are something everyone should try. Even we parents can have fun with them (I know I did). You can imagine and do just about anything. The box even comes with an instructional poster to show you step by steps on how to create some of the wild and crazy things you can do with Bendaroos. There’s even a special page right now for some springtime themed creations. It’s just so fun!!!

Next time you’re trying to find something to do with your kids – think of Bendaroos! You can draw, build, decorate and transform anything. It will bring millions of smiles and laughs to the ones you love so much; those darling little ones.

You can get Bendaroos online at – Bendaroos Mega Set (500 Pieces) for $19.95 and eligible for free Super Saver Shipping.

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