Fun and Easy Nail Fashions with Kiss Everlasting French Nail Kits and the Manhattan Collection by Dashing Diva

Hands are one of several things people are instantly drawn to. Enjyo a pretty French Pedicure with ease with the Kiss collection. (photo by Barbara Baker)It is more so because hands are what we use to greet and communicate. These are also the tools we use to cook, clean, hug, and praise our little ones; so why not keep them looking great?

Let me just clarify for a moment; having nails done at a nail salon is always fun so I won’t even begin to down play that… but, it is costly and it does introduce serious damage to your nails over time; not to mention the smells that linger from the chemicals used to produce those pretty nails.

Enjyo a pretty French Manicure with ease with the Kiss collection. (photo by Barbara Baker)

What’s worse is if you break one nail…. You can’t just fix it at home (if you want it to match the rest of your nails), so unfortunately you have to run back to the salon and have it fixed. Now this can be time consuming and (at least where I live) can cost upwards of $5.50 or more… for one nail! Why spend that much money and time on one nail when I can get the same effects from a kit by Kiss and do it in the comforts of my home and the added convenience of having more than one backup nail to use?

Enjyo a pretty French Pedicure with ease with the Kiss collection. (photo by Barbara Baker)Kiss has recently introduced a revolutionary, patented technology that is about to sweep the artificial nail industry by storm (and I was lucky enough to try them out firsthand!). This new technology has a chip-free guarantee. It is bounded by layers in its manufacturing process to keep that French manicure look for the entire duration of use. These fake nails are now stronger and hold more like a salon acrylic application.  You can choose from flat or regular nail arcs and they come in 12 different sizes. The added features to Kiss nails also include the all new “real short” and “medium” lengths. The toenail features are equally given.

Easily remove all nails or only one with this nail remover from the Kiss collection. (photo by Barbara Baker)Don’t bother worrying about how you’ll take them off when you need to. Kiss is providing an easy solution for that too; the “All or One” Artificial Nail Remover. In less than a few minutes you’re back to natural nails without the damage to your nail’s surface. Simply put one or all of your nails into this ready-made remover (removes 5X faster than soaking in acetone) and rub your nails up against little brushes inlaid on the outer rim of the jar. Once you’re done, just wipe. It’s that simple.


Everlasting French Nail kits can be purchased at your usual retailer and have an ARV of $5.99. They can also (for your convenience) be purchased online by going to; in fact, if you go to the official website you can check out their full collection, newly introduced items, simple techniques, and how-to’s.

Dashing Diva offers a variety of fun and beautiful nail polish colors for spring, summer, and anytime. (photo by Barbara Baker)But why stop there? Once you’ve finished trying out the awesome nails for both fingers and toes, how about polishing them with the Manhattan Collection by Dashing Diva. This nail polish is chip-resistant and has a special blend of polymers to seal color for up to 10 days without chipping. This collection is formulated without the controversial ingredients Phthalates (DBP), Formaldehyde, and Toluene, which have been linked to negative health conditions.

Along with the wonderful Kiss kits and artificial nail remover, I was given Dashing Diva’s The Red Carpet, East Village, NYPD Blue, and Central Park after Dark shades and could not even begin to tell you my favorite. They are equally vibrant and unique, charming and elegant, spunky and rich. Who wouldn’t want nail shades with this type of attitude? I loved every one of them and my girls had a fun time decorating their nails with the colors, too. Dashing Diva offers a variety of fun and beautiful nail polish colors for spring, summer, and anytime. (photo by Barbara Baker)Dashing Diva is by far one of my favorite brands of nail color collections and I definitely feel strongly when I say; YOU’VE GOT TO TRY THIS COLLECTION!

Dashing Diva’s Manhattan Collection has over 100 nail polish shades to choose from and are priced at a mere $8 each. Dashing Diva is a leading Nail Care and Spa brand located in premiere global areas. They are committed to providing the best in nail care products and are located at 1 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050. You can also go to or by calling 516-621-6565.

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