Top 10 Date Ideas for Weeknights

Weeknights can be a tricky time to fit in a date, but dates on weeknights can be essential to strengthening your relationship and your romantic bond. Whether you are boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife, a weeknight date every once in a while can go a long way to bringing you closer together.

If you don’t yet live together, weeknight dates nicely increase the amount of time you get to spend with your significant other, giving you an extra few hours on top of the typical weekend. If you are married and living together, weeknight dates can help to keep your relationship fresh and exciting or they can help to reignite the spark that first drew you together.

No matter if you are dating or married, here are 10 date ideas for couples to enjoy on weeknights:

1.    The tried and true dinner and a movie date never really goes out of style. You can do this one every week or every other week, or once a month if budget is a concern. But, the dinner and a movie date gives you a nice chance to talk over dinner and then relax together, holding hands as you watch a new flick on the big screen.

2.    Join a local sports league that has one game per week. You might consider a volleyball team, dodge ball, kickball, softball, flag football, indoor soccer, etc.

3.    Go for a walk together. You can stroll around your neighborhood, around the park, or somewhere new you haven’t yet explored.

4.    Take a trip to the mall, a furniture store, or an art gallery. You can scour the stores, walls, and warehouses for a perfect new addition to your home or apartment. Then, when you are all done, treat yourselves to dinner at a favorite nearby restaurant.

5.    Go to a hockey game, baseball game, or even a Monday night football game. You and your sweetie can snuggle up while cheering on your favorite professional, semi-pro, or even college or high school athletes.

Take an art class or do a craft together for a fun weeknight date. (photo courtesy of morgueFile)6.    Take an art class or a photography workshop together. You can enhance your skills and explore creative talents you may not even know you have. Painting, sculpture, and ceramics are just a few options. Such a class may only involve a few hours on a weeknight – a perfect non-weekend date.

7.    Check out a carnival or fair near you. You can have a lot of fun trying to win prizes, riding on the rides, and eating cotton candy and funnel cake all night long. Carnivals and fairs can be great weeknight date ideas, but they only come around to your town or area every so often, so keep a lookout!

8.    A concert makes a great weeknight date…
if you don’t mind being tired and half-deaf at work the next day. A Thursday night might be the ideal concert date night, since you’d only have to make it through Friday then. You can really have a lot of fun listening to live music and being in each others’ company.

9.    Visit your favorite local bar for Karaoke. You might have even more fun if you open this weeknight date idea up into a weeknight double date idea. Get together with your sweetheart and your friends for a night of fun and entertainment. And if you happen to overdo it at the bar, well, hey, it may not be the first time you had to call out sick on a workday.

10.    Order take-out and enjoy a lazy, relaxed meal in front of the television. Let’s face it… some nights we are just too darn tired and stressed from work to want to go out or do anything. Why not indulge yourselves in a chance to relax… together. Order some take-out food – Chinese food, cheese steaks, pizza, etc., and simply relax on your comfy couch and watch a movie, prime time television, or Sports Center. You know you want to.

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