Workout DVD Review: Get in Shape with Lalo Fuentes and LaloFit Freeze Technique

Workout DVD Review: Get in Shape with Lalo Fuentes and LaloFit Freeze Technique

I can’t remember feeling this exhilarated and accomplished in my workout routines since college when I just finished racing a 5K or playing an entire game of rugby.

I tried out the LaloFit Freeze Technique with Lalo Fuentes and I’m not kidding when I say buy this workout DVD. Not only do you feel your muscles working, but you learn to connect with each muscle group, thus ensuring you are doing each of the workout moves correctly. And with such an attractive workout instructor as Lalo Fuentes, if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is!

LaloFit Freeze Technique brings together cardio, toning, balance, and a focus on your core and getting in touch with each muscle group. You can take the workout at your own pace, doing fewer repetitions if you are a beginner, or varying the weights to your own ability. The pace is fairly slow, so although you don’t receive specific instructions on how to do all the moves, you can learn the moves easily by watching and picking up the tips that Lalo Fuentes shares. With this slower pace, you can easily add more reps to each move if needed.

Work out with Lalo Fuentes and LaloFit Freeze Technique.Lalo’s workouts include everything from stretching exercises to warm up and cool down to floor exercises, lunges, squats, pushups, and crunches, to name a few. What I found to be pleasantly unique about this workout as compared to some of my other workout DVDs is that many of Lalo Fuentes’ Freeze Technique moves involve muscle groups from both the upper body and the lower body at the same time. As I was working out, I found myself noticing muscles I forgot I even had. In my exercise movements, I truly felt as if I were giving my entire body a great workout that would make a difference as long as I committed to a regular exercise program.

My only struggle with this workout DVD (besides endurance during a few of the moves – like pushups – because I am sadly not in the best shape of my life yet) is that the entire video is more than 50 minutes long. I loved the workout segments and the fact that you get a break with words of encouragement and inspiration after a number of different moves and repetitions for each. The problem with the length is that I cannot easily complete a 50+ minute workout before work, and knowing myself, some nights I am going to be too lazy, tired, or busy doing other things like cooking dinner, to actually complete the workout all the way through.

Work out with Lalo Fuentes and LaloFit Freeze Technique.However, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that the sexy workout instructor Lalo Fuentes makes the 50 minutes feel like a breeze. Finding the time is the tricky part, not spending the time. My plan is to complete a few sections at a time and work out over a couple days. Then, on days when I have more time, I’ll go through the entire video.

“In order to see fast results, I recommend you do the video three times per week, always leaving one day in between to let your body recover,” says Lalo Fuentes. “During the other days, do cardio and abs only, and always take one day off out of the week.”

“Some people who have tried the DVD have seen results as early as two weeks. After the second week you should feel with more energy through out your day and after 4 to 6 weeks, expect to see a lot of changes in your body. For those who don’t have a full hour to workout, I recommend to try doing the first half portion of the video, it includes full body movements so every muscles will be worked. Don’t forget to include some stretches at the end of your workout.”

All in all, I am excited to give this workout video my attention as I work to get back in shape for the springtime and summer. I am confident that the LaloFit Freeze Technique workout is going to help me by leaps and bounds in getting back into the best shape of my life.

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  1. I know it’s embarrassing for girls but my butt was getting huge and I had to hit the gym.. I tried some supplements

    But in all honestly it was a waist of my time.. they didn’t work 😥

    NCan you recommend some pills?


    -Sarah 🙂 😉 🙂

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