Top 10 Suggestions for Fun and Entertaining Activities to Do with Your Grown Children

When it comes to spending time with your children after they’ve grown, the family dynamics often tend to change. There are lots of fun things you can do with your grown children and their families. You begin to see your sons or daughters and their spouses sometimes as another couple instead of just your own kids. Now that your kids are grown, you may find it more difficult to plan family activities and events that work for everyone. Scheduling becomes a challenge and people’s tastes may have changed.

And while the traditional dinners out or dinners at the house never quite lose their flair or flavor, you may still crave something fun and exciting, something different. With this new family dynamic and the unending love for one’s children – grown or not – in mind, here are 10 suggestions for fun and entertaining activities you can do with your grown children.

1.    Visit a winery or a brewery together. As long as your children are 21 or older, this activity is sure to please. Visiting a winery or brewery often involves an informative tour of the facilities where the wine or beer is made followed by a tasting of a selection of the beverages available. If you plan to visit more than one winery or brewery, consider arranging chauffeured transportation so no one has to miss out on the experience.

2.    Attend a professional or minor league sporting event. Baseball games and hockey games are timeless sporting events that offer an entertaining date idea or group outing for all ages. If your grown children already have children, the little ones might find favor with this activity as well.

Enjoy wine with your family or visit a vineyard for a tour and tasting.3.    Rent a pontoon boat and have a picnic on the water. Pontoon boats cater to nice sized groups and allow you to relax, enjoy a meal or a snack, and float about all at the same time. Again, this is another great activity for spending time with your grown children even if they have children of their own.

4.    Take a trip to the beach or the mountains for a family vacation getaway. Many families plan a week at a special location every year without fail. Some families choose the Adirondack Mountains in New York State while others may choose the Outer Banks or another more southern vacation destination. No matter what your family’s preference, a family vacation getaway is a great option for you and your grown children of any ages.

5.    Have a barbeque at one of your homes, or use one of the grills at a local park. While dinner may be a common theme for your get-togethers with your grown kids, a barbeque still offers a great family bonding experience mixed with an all-time favorite summer or warm weather activity.

6.    Visit a botanical garden, butterfly preserve, or other natural wonder. Take in the wonderful sights and sounds of nature by visiting a nature preserve, botanical garden (like Longwood Gardens), or other natural place of note. You can enjoy sharing the lovely display of flora and fauna with your grown kids and their children, if they had kids already.

7.    See who gets the best score at a few rounds of bowling.
Bowling is another one of those timeless date ideas and anytime activities that can rustle up a good helping of competition and family fun time. You can play a few rounds and see who wins over all or split up into teams and make things more competitive.

8.    Visit an orchard or a pick-your-own farm. For a fun and interactive seasonal activity to do with your grown children and even their kids, consider visiting a pick-your-own farm or an orchard. You could also visit a pumpkin patch around Halloween. These fun activities are memorable and offer a nice way to spend time together outside.

9.    Play some miniature golf or chip-n-putt. As always, miniature golf (putt-putt) and chip-n-put make great activities for groups of all ages. From yourselves to your grown children to your grandchildren, miniature golf delivers fun for everyone.

10.    Go on a cruise. While this option requires more planning and more of an expense, going on a cruise with your family becomes an unforgettable experience that you will cherish and treasure for a lifetime. No matter what your ages, make it a point to plan a cruise with your grown children as soon as funding permits. With the tough economy, you might set your sites for up to five years out, but give a family cruise some serious thought for a memorable and exciting family vacation.

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