Skintimate’s Moisturizing Cream Shave—A Splash of Hydration for Smooth, Springtime Legs

Product Review of Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave (Photo by Karin A. Kovacik)Nature’s most primitive creations — from trees and leaves, to flowers and stems — act as our indelible shadows, our ever-present Earthly neighbors with whom we co-exist in the surrounding world. We bask under one universal sky and sparkle in the same flints of sunlight. We undergo the same seasonal sensations — from the harsh, unforgiving winds of winter to the fresh, easy breezes of spring. Why is it then, that in experiencing these same conditions, we often react in such drastically opposing manners?

The trees of spring clothe themselves in abundant foliage as a tribute to the signs of warmth — covering their once barren limbs with thick layers of adornment. However, as we breathe in the first calming breath of spring, we think only of basking in that warmth, removing our burdensome coverings and exposing what had been hidden all winter long. As women, our limbs scream for release and we are undoubtedly ready to show off our long, beautiful legs to the world.

But in order to do this with confidence, we still need to take some hints from nature — and more specifically, from Skintimate. Skintimate’s new Moisturizing Cream Shave, infused with luxurious, natural ingredients, is a must-have for the warm weather season, as it effortlessly provides us with legs that are hydrated, silky smooth and ready for confident exposure under the sunny spotlight of spring.

The Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave line comes in two different formulas — providing women of all skin types with a suitable solution for healthy and hydrated legs. The Dry Skin formula, fragranced with a subtle hint of Cashmere Rain, is the perfect treatment for women needing that extra splash of moisture, after suffering through frigid months of the ever common winter itch. For those that dread the shaving routine and its seemingly unavoidable results of nicks and cuts, Skintimate’s alternate Extra Gentle formula, with a fresh scent of Soothing Petals, can provide that extra protection needed for sensitive skin. But no matter what the formula, both products expertly combine the aspects of a typical shaving cream with the lavish features of a lightweight moisturizing lotion — producing results drastically superior to the shaving gels of the past.

With a mere glance at the Skintimate bottles, my mind was instantly transported to the blissful, breezy evenings of spring. The tubes are splashed with soft, pastel colors and the bottoms of the bottles, which emit the shave cream, are shaped into the form of delicate, springtime flowers. A flip of these caps only enhanced this springtime experience, as the air was filled with fresh and flowery scents reminiscent of the season’s notable fragrances. The Dry Skin formula, infused with olive butter and soy, radiated a soft scent similar to vanilla or cocoa butter, and the Extra Gentle product, with Vitamin E and Soy, held a more poignant scent, like the radiating aroma of freshly cut flowers.

Product Review of Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave (Photo by Karin A. Kovacik)When finally dispensing the cream into my palms, I found a product drastically different than the Skintimate lines I’ve used in the past. Years ago, I had used the shaving gels packaged in aerosol cans, dispensing overflowing heaps of bubbling foam. Much to my surprise, Skintimate’s Cream Shave did not arrive in my palm with such a grand entrance, as it simply squeezed out of the bottle just like a regular lotion.  It didn’t bubble up, foam or even produce a lather when applied to the legs. But this cream does not need to produce such an extravagant show to get the job done. In a more demure and reserved manner, it provides all the results of those fancy foams — plus more.

To get started, you need only to apply a small dollop of this lightweight lotion — a portion just enough to coat your legs with one thin layer. Going over the cream with a razor, this lightweight formula proves to be a plus, since it does not quickly clog up the blades — saving you the time that comes with multiple rinses of your razor. With simply one swoop, the hair is instantly removed, and you can already feel the smoothness and deep-down hydration that the product provides.

When it came to Skintimate’s confident claims regarding the protection against nicks and cuts, I was initially hesitant to accept them as truth — until the product almost instantly removed my doubts. In a rush to get ready one evening, I threw caution to the wind when shaving, moving just a bit too quickly. I went over my ankle with the razor, felt a quick pinch of pain and instantly anticipated the usual damage which would occur soon after. To my surprise, however, no cut surfaced, and I continued my routine with a smile, as well as a feeling of shocking disbelief. When I got out of the shower, I saw a slightly red scrape, but it was not bleeding at all. It was as if the Skintimate cream shielded my legs with a protective covering, averting any potential shaving crisis. Having gone through the annoyance of cuts before, holding a tissue to my ankle for what seems like an eternity, I cannot stress to you just how much hassle this product saves.

Overall, the end result that emerges after the use of Skintimate’s Moisturizing Cream Shave is one to applaud. Legs become not only free of stubble, but instantly drenched with hydration and silky smooth to the touch. As part of my routine, I typically apply a lotion after shaving to guard against the razor burn or pesky red bumps that often arise soon after. However, with the Skintimate product, there is simply no need for this step. The cream acts dually as a lotion, guards instantly against any irritation, and keeps your legs feeling extremely silky for hours, even days, after shaving.

To prepare your legs for the shorts and miniskirts of spring, try out Skintimate’s Moisturizing Cream Shave. It is available at almost all drug stores for a retail price of $3.99. For more information about this product or others in the Skintimate line, visit

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