Best of SPRING 2009: Shē Essential Beauty Product Review

Imagine – lying in the center of a grassy field… She Essential Beauty Cuticle Butter (Photo Courtesy of She Essential Beauty)gazing at the sky as it blankets you with soft warm breezes and a blissful view of the clouds above. Surrounding you is the sweetened intense aroma of fresh cut lemons and fragranced grass… the aromas are breathtaking and the feeling of serenity comes over you.

This is the feeling that lavished me when I opened a jar of cuticle butter from Shē Essential Beauty {I also received the facial serum, which was no less enchanting than the first experience}. The smells are tantalizing; they grab you the moment you open a bottle (or jar) and whisk you away to unimaginable places… And all of this happens before you’ve even begun to use the product.

Shē Essential Beauty is a formulation that harnesses the healing power of Chinese herbs. It maintains a luxurious smell and touch that triggers a sense of well-being, and again, serenity. Shē is founded by Laura Kauffmann and Beth Hooper (licensed acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists). Together they have created a brand that centers on the concept of “beauty from within.”

She Essential Beauty Cuticle Butter (Photo by Barbara Baker)Shē Essential Beauty products are made from organic and natural ingredients. They are free of *parabens and other *synthetics. They also use recyclable packaging that supports the “green philosophy.”

When you use Shē, you will see substantial transformation in the overall well-being of your mind and body. Shē lines include: balms, toners, scrubs, washing grains, body serums, cuticle and body butters, herbal bath salts, and calming room sprays.

I personally felt a change; all the dry and flaky spots that were visible moments before just seemed to have disappeared; it instantly left my skin feeling soft, vibrant, and rejuvenated. The plus was that aromatic smell; because I added a small drop of the facial serum to my face, I was left smelling the fragrance all day long not to mention the soft silk feeling my skin expressed.

While I won’t go into much detail with every ingredient used to make these products such remarkable products, I will say this – the benefits you get are evident through the testimonials (and by what I’ve noticed in such a short period of time). I simply urge you to see what Shē can do for you.

If you’re looking for products that give you optimum benefits quickly, as well as something that will give you long lasting results, please go to Shē Essential Beauty’s official website and read on. While you’re there, feel free to shop around. There’s plenty to learn and a substantial amount of interesting information about the founders of Shē Essential Beauty along with their philosophy.

She Essential Beauty Facial Serum (Photo Courtesy of She Essential Beauty)The two items I reviewed were:
Facial Serum (ARV of $60.00) = Packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, this facial serum is naturally beneficial to all skin types. Inspired by the beauty regimes of the ancient empresses of China, Shē has blended the highest grade Chinese pearl with nutrient rich oils and silk amino acids for added skin rejuvenation benefits.

She Essential Beauty Cuticle Butter (Photo Courtesy of She Essential Beauty)Lemongrass Cuticle Butter (ARV $15.00) = All-natural butters combined with organic essential oils and Chinese herbs to create a powerful cure for dry damaged cuticles (as a note: I also used this product on my elbows and knees. I instantly felt a smoothness that I didn’t have before).

There are many other products available to shop for, and I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding what you’re looking for.

*Meanings (for your convenience):
Parabens [par*a*ben] = a chemical that mimics the hormone estrogen. Evidence suggests that parabens can play a role in the development of breast tumors. Use: preservative in cosmetics, deodorants, food.

Synthetic [syn*thet*ic] = made artificially by chemical synthesis, especially so as to resemble a natural product.

Award for Uniqueness in Beauty Products for All Needs while Maintaining Company PhilosophyI give an award to Shē Essential Beauty for uniqueness in beauty products as well as producing a product that is suitable for everyone’s needs while standing behind their philosophy.

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