Wearing Colored Shoes with Your Wedding Dress instead of Matching the Wedding Gown Fabric

If you’re looking to doJamie Haley wore hot pink wedding shoes on her wedding day. (Photography by Sara McDermott from SjMackyPhotography) something a little different for your wedding, have you considered wearing colored wedding shoes instead of matching your wedding shoes to your wedding dress? It’s a trend that’s catching on in more ways than one, and perhaps best of all, you can wear your shoes over and over again after your wedding day.

“Color is a great way to express yourself,” says Summer Bellessa, Editor-in-Chief of Eliza Magazine. “Back in the day, white dresses were thought to be an extravagance; a dress you could wear after the big day, was more practical. If a pink or yellow dress isn’t your thing, then spice up a traditional dress with colorful shoes, ribbon, or under slip. Give the flowers a little competition.”

“I don’t think color should be a faux pas,” Bellessa adds. “It’s your wedding; you get to pick what kind of bride you are.”

With this new take on color in mind, think about your own wedding and whether you’d like to pull off some colored wedding shoes to show off your personal sense of style and unforgettable wedding fashion. You can match the color of your wedding shoes to your wedding’s colors and theme, to your own favorite color, or as the “something blue” in your traditional getup. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to look back on your wedding photos and smile whenever you see that sudden burst of color peeking out from under your wedding dress!

Match the Color of Your Wedding Shoes to Your Bridesmaid Dresses and Wedding Color Scheme
An easy and classy way to weave colored shoes into your wedding palette is to match the color of your wedding shoes to your bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, or the overall theme and color scheme of your wedding. The possibilities are virtually endless when you consider all the many hues and shades of beautiful, sexy shoes on the shelves and online.

Irma Koopersmith wore apple green wedding shoes under her wedding gown. “I actually wore apple green heels to my wedding four years ago and I thought they looked adorable,” says Irma Koopersmith, who is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she and her husband got married on February 26, 2005. “They matched my bridesmaids. I really liked the look.”

As the story goes, one bout of inspiration leads to another. Koopersmith was inspired by a friend’s red wedding shoes at a wedding a few months prior to her own wedding, and then with her green shoes, Koopersmith inspired her friend Emilie Valle to pull a similar fashion stunt on her wedding day.

“I was then inspired by her to add my own pop of color with blue,” says Emilie Valle, who wed her husband Pete on October 13, 2007. “I thought it was a great way to be expressive and different. Blue is my favorite color; it’s reflected in everything I wear on a day-to-day basis. My bridesmaids wore blue, my engagement ring includes sapphire – it just fit. While people can see your shoes, it’s a subtle way to add a pop of color and expression.”

Jamie Haley wore hot pink wedding shoes on her wedding day. (Photography by Sara McDermott from SjMackyPhotography)Enjoy a Splash of Your Favorite Color with Your Color Choice for Wedding Shoes
If for no other reason, add a splash of color into your wedding attire by donning wedding shoes in your favorite color. No matter what your favorite color happens to be, you are sure to find pretty, fashionable wedding shoes in your preferred color – red, pink, green, blue, purple, orange, black, yellow, brown, and on down the line.

“I wore red shoes in my wedding last year, basically because red is my favorite color and I went traditional on most of the other aspects of my wedding — by God I deserved a little flair!” says Delisa Reavis. “You could barely see them under my dress, but I kept having people coming up to me at the reception asking to see my feet (by then I’d already switched into pink glittery rainbows since the cute red shoes rubbed a blister on my heel–guess I should have broken them in!) I thought it was a fun way to express a little individuality without rocking the boat too much with my uber-traditional mom!”

Another bride, Laura N. Ward decided to wear red shoes under her ivory wedding gown. Her red shoes looked radiant, a perfect fit for a holiday wedding with red bridesmaids’ dresses and pretty poinsettias.

Laura Ward wore lovely red wedding shoes on her wedding day around Christmastime. “I had some great comments on them and mostly favorable,” she says. “I think I shocked my grandmother though. I had a Christmas wedding and I love red so I just went for it. I’ve known brides to wear tennis shoes and flip-flops so why not red shoes!”

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  1. hi,i am 16 and just went thru catholic confirmation last september and all of us girls had to wear white bridal type dresses with veils.we had to wear white ‘mary jane’type shoes with our dresses.

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