How to Get Soft, Romantic, and Sexy Celebrity Hairstyles Like Marisa Tomei and Jessica Biel in the 81st Academy Awards

At the 81st Academy Awards, celebrities Marisa Tomei and Jessica Biel both showed off soft, feminine looks with lovely hairstyles created by Celebrity Hairstylist Adir Abergel. These beautiful stars wore their hair in such a pretty fashion that would look very nice on just about anyone with medium length or long hair. If you’d like to take a page from the beauty book of Jessica Biel or Marisa Tomei from the 81st Academy Awards, look no further.

To get a soft, romantic, and sexy hairstyle like these beautiful celebrities, just follow the steps below to recreate these loose, cascading hairstyles with your own hair. Learn how to achieve Jessica Biel’s and Marisa Tomei’s celebrity hairstyles from the 81st Academy Awards with these easy instructions from Celebrity Hairstylist Adir Abergel.

How to Create Marisa Tomei’s Cascading Hairstyle from the 81st Academy Awards
Best Supporting Actress Nominee Marisa Tomei wore a lovely and romantic hairstyle to the 81st Academy Awards. You can also wear your hair with Marisa Tomei’s special style, simply by following these steps from her stylist.

For the first step, stylist Adir Abergel blew Tomei’s hair out with the FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2100 Blow Dryer and also using a round brush. He then completed the following step-by-step instructions to give Marisa Tomei the beautiful and romantic, soft hairstyle she wore to the 81st Academy Awards.

1.    While blowing out the hair, pin hair in place as it cools, using hair clips to secure the hair in various soft curves.
2.    Sweep bangs to the side and let them cascade over the eye.
3.    Apply bobby pins to secure the hair.
4.    Remove the hair clips and finish with hairspray.

“The look exudes looseness, softness and lots of femininity, which complements the twists and turns of her graceful dress,” explains Abergel.

How to Create Jessica Biel’s Romantic Half-Up Hairstyle from the 81st Academy Awards
Presenter Jessica Biel’s celebrity hairstyle at the 81st Academy Awards was a lovely and somewhat flowing, somewhat swept back hairdo that looked absolutely gorgeous on her. The hairstyle Biel wore truly fit the ticket for romantic, soft, sexy, and feminine.

Adir Abergel used the FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2100 Blow Dryer on Jessica Biel’s hair to create this ravishing, almost Victorian look. Then Abergel completed the following styling steps to create the full look. You can use these steps to recreate Jessica Biel’s 81st Academy Awards hairstyle with your own hair.

1.    After drying the hair a bit with the hairdryer, hand-dry the rest of the hair completely to remove all of its natural texture.
2.    Curl random pieces of hair using a 1” curling iron.
3.    Pin the hairstyle half up, allowing several pieces of hair to fall and frame the face.
4.    Braid two small braids on either side of the temples and then pull them back.
5.    Finish the style with hairspray.

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