How to Get an Elegant Modern Chignon with Side Part like Queen Latifah at the 81st Academy Awards

For a soft and elegant hairstyle that goes with just about every occasion, you might like to try styling your hair like Queen Latifah at the 81st Academy Awards. Queen Latifah’s chignon hairstyle with side part looked truly graceful and sophisticated at the awards ceremony. Her stylist, Julie Baker, used FHI Heat hair tools to create this look that you can also recreate for your own hair.

If you would like to learn how to achieve a beautiful and elegant, sophisticated hairstyle much like Queen Latifah’s hairdo at the 81st Academy Awards, you are in luck. Queen Latifah’s celebrity hairstylist Julie Baker shares step-by-step instructions to get the lovely and graceful modern chignon with side part hairstyle for your own hair.

To style your hair like Queen Latifah’s longtime celebrity hairstyle at the 81st Academy Awards, simply follow Julie Baker’s steps below.

DIY Instructions to Get Queen Latifah’s Elegant Modern Chignon with Side Part
“Latifah’s dress is very elegant, modern and chic, and her hair needs to complement this, so we decided on a modern chignon, which features very smooth hair, a side part, bangs that swoop down in front, a low bun in the back that is off to the side,” says Julie Baker, Queen Latifah’s stylist.

To create this achieve this sensational and contemporary celebrity hairstyle, Julie Baker dried Queen Latifah’s hair using the new FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2100 blow dryer. She then completed the following steps, which you can also use to create the same hairstyle for your own hair.

1.    After partially drying the hair, apply FHI Heat Hot Sauce, a heat-activated conditioner that protects hair, to slightly damp hair.

2.    Use a styling iron to smooth out your hair. (Julie Baker used her favorite FHI Heat Runway styling iron to smooth out Queen Latifah’s locks.)

3.    Continue styling the hair into a chignon.

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