Top 10 Fun and Exciting Summer Double Date Ideas

Summer creates the perfect time of year to plan fun and exciting double dates. You and your best friend or your sweetheart and theirs can have a blast enjoying countless summer double date ideas, from the adventurous and athletic to the relaxing and entertaining. Consider these top 10 fun and exciting summer double date ideas to give you an idea of what kind of group date suits you best.

1.    Go tubing or whitewater rafting in a nearby river.
For the more adventurous crowd, consider an exciting double date upon the water. You can bring a water-resistant underwater camera to capture the unforgettable memories you make on this wild and crazy dating excursion.

2.    Plan a camping trip for your group either at a campground or another recognized camping locale. You can have a campfire, or better yet, cook over a campfire. Enjoy a hike or take some time out on the lake. Any way you slice it, a camping trip can be a wonderful weekend double date idea for the summer.

3.    Visit a local winery for a tour of the vineyard and a wine tasting session. A number of wineries offer complimentary tastings with the hopes that you’ll bring home a bottle or two of your favorite wines. Other wineries offer a nominal tasting fee but deliver a fine tour of the winery and its facilities as well as a healthy tasting session. A winery tour and tasting makes a lovely double date idea for couples of any age, for any time of year, but especially during the lovely summer months.

4.    Find a festival with outdoor music on a nice day. There’s nothing quite like live music on a beautiful, sunny day to lift your spirits and your mood. Get together with your sweetheart and your favorite couple for a fun day of music, food, and outdoor entertainment.

5.    Rent paddleboats and cruise around the lake together. For a fun double date idea in the summer, why not spend some time on the lake with a paddleboat? You can get a paddleboat for four people to fit everyone or rent two separate paddleboats, with one for each couple. Either way, you’re sure to have a great time floating and paddling about.

6.    Check out a local farmer’s market. Sometimes walking around and taking in the sights, sounds, and smells can be an interesting way to spend a day. At the farmer’s market you can enjoy all kinds of food, various items for sale, and people-watching, among other things. Bring home some fresh produce from the farmer’s market and make a nice garden salad or fruit salad for your group when you are done.

7.    Take a day trip to the beach and the boardwalk, even though things haven’t completely ramped up for the main season yet. Play some two-on-two beach soccer or doubles beach volleyball for an exciting double date competition. Spice things up with boys against girls or play in couples mode for a more romantic approach.

8.    Go on a deep sea fishing double date excursion. No matter what the ages or expertise of your group date, you can enjoy a really fun and exciting summertime double date on a deep sea fishing boat. Head boats go out into the ocean and provide everything you need for a relaxing or invigorating day of fishing, from fishing rods and tackle to beverages, interior cabin, etc. For a few extra bucks, everyone can chip in to the fishing pool and try their luck at a chance to win the money for landing the biggest catch.

9.    Play teams in miniature golf or chip-n-putt. Miniature golf is a classic and timeless double date idea for summertime or even spring and fall. You can play teams as couples or even boys against girls, depending on how closely knit your group happens to be. Once you’ve finished the last hole, tally up the scores. The losing team buys ice cream or Italian water ice for the winning team and themselves!

10.    Go to a drive-in movie. This can be a fun summer double date idea for a group of friends who’ve been good friends for a while. Don’t forget to bring popcorn, movie candy, other snacks as desired, and beverages.

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