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Exercise Ideas and Fun Outdoor Activities for People and their Dogs to Enjoy

Staying fit and healthy is just as important for people as it is for dogs. A daily dose of exercise can positively impact one’s health, not to mention mood and outlook on life. Different breeds of dogs often benefit from different types of exercise. Certain intense exercises may not be appropriate for all breeds of dogs, while other types of exercise, like going for a walk, can be just perfect for people and dogs of all ages.

The right amount of exercise can help improve the quality of life as well as increasing the lifetime of dogs and humans. Consider these exercise ideas for people and their dogs to enjoy together:

•    Go for a walk. Try different walking routes a couple times a week to keep things interesting.

•    Go running or jogging together. Training for a 5k race or just trying to get back in shape can be a lot more fun when you have company. If your vet approves, consider taking your pup along for your jog.

•    Play fetch in the yard. Sticks, tennis balls, and other toys can serve as the perfect distraction from a dull day. Play fetch in the yard to give your pup some much-needed exercise. Toss the toys in different directions and teach your dog to bring the items all the way to you with commands like “closer” and “all the way”.

•    Play Frisbee. Teach your dog how to do a number of Frisbee tricks, whether you make them up as you go or you watch YouTube videos for the coolest tricks to replicate. Remember to keep your dog’s safety in mind at all times.

•    Run around at the park. A trip to the park can be fun for any dog. Explore a park with a lake or reservoir, a boat landing and marina, or a lot of ducks, fishermen, or other interesting features. A park with a running trail or course can be a lot of fun to experience with your dog.

•    Check out a local dog park or dog beach. Your dog will likely love a trip to the local dog park or a dog beach, even if you have to drive a little bit to get there. You can meet other dogs and allow your pup to be as social as he wants.

•    Host a puppy play date. Get the neighborhood dogs together or have your puppy’s friends over for a fun day in the yard. Set up a doggie obstacle course or plan for some Frisbee throwing, ball, and plenty of water and treats.

•    Try out a dog sport like agility or fly ball. Depending on where you live, you might be able to find a center that offers agility courses or maybe even sheep herding. It can be a fun experience for you and your pet, so give it a shot.

•    Go for a hike. Find some trails or a mountain that has popular hiking trails. Take your dog, along with a picnic lunch, and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.

•    Take a swim in a nearby lake. Some dogs love to swim, but you’ll never know if yours is one of them if you don’t give your pup a chance to try it. Toss the Frisbee a few feet out into the water to get your dog to brave it, but expect you might soon have a tough time getting your dog out of the water, too, once she sees how much she loves it.

These are just a few ideas for fun activities you can enjoy with your dog as a form of exercise. Before you begin an exercise regimen with your pet, consider speaking to your dog’s veterinarian. A good vet can advise on whether you dog can keep up with your mile pace or your preferred distance, as well as commenting on other activities you may tend to enjoy with your pet.

You can find fun and exciting, active things to do with your dog all year long. Some of the most fun activities seem to take place in the warmer seasons. Consider these suggestions to enhance the quality of life of your favorite pet.
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Top 10 Summer Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog

As the weather gets warmer, think about spending more time outside with your dog. You and your dog both will benefit from a healthy dose of exercise, fresh air, and quality time together. To help you find the perfect summer activities to do with your pet dog, consider these top 10 outdoor summer activities and trips to do with your dog.

1.    Play fetch at a lake or at the shore. Dogs love playing outside, and a scenic waterfront location like a lake or the seashore makes a perfect backdrop for hours of fun in the sun. Whether you play fetch with a Frisbee, a ball, or simply a stick, your dog will love the extra attention and exercise.

2.    Go camping with your dog. If you and your dog would like an overnight adventure or longer, consider a camping trip. Many campgrounds across the globe are pet-friendly and make a great vacation idea with your four-legged friend. You can do many things your dog loves while camping – run around and play, explore, swim, sleep, and more.

3.    Go hiking with your pup. Some of the larger, more athletic dog breeds love a good adventure in the great outdoors. If you live near a mountain, canal, or other scenic area, grab your hiking shoes and your pup’s leash and prepare for a day of exercise and exploring. You can bring a lunch for the both of you, and don’t forget to bring lots of water to keep you and your dog both hydrated.

4.    Take your dog fishing. If your dog is relatively well behaved and listens well to commands, a fishing trip with your pooch may be the perfect summer activity. You can rent a paddle boat or small motorboat / fishing boat if you don’t already own a boat and the two of you can go out on the water together to see what’s swimming. If you plan to fish off a pier, dock, or shoreline, just make sure you can secure your dog in the same place as where you plan to stand.

5.    Take your dog with you to an outdoor pet fair. Lots of communities tend to host a pet fair every once in a while. Pet fairs are a great venue for dogs to socialize and compete in tricks and activities, and they also offer human interaction with pet product vendors, pet adoptions, and more. If your dog is curious like most, a pet fair can be a great summertime or warm weather activity to do together.

6.    Play Frisbee in the park. Many dogs love playing Frisbee or fetch and the park is a great place to go with your dog for such an activity. You can also walk around, meet other dogs, have a picnic, and enjoy the nature around you.

7.    Take a long walk down the boardwalk. If you live in a seaside town, take a stroll along the boardwalk with your dog during the off-peak hours, i.e., typically in the early morning through midday. You and your dog can jog or walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells.

8.    Get together with the neighborhood dogs and their owners and create the puppy dog Olympics. For a fun day of doggie competition, you can create your own doggie Olympics in your own backyard with a homemade obstacle course, a Frisbee toss, ball toss, races, and so much more. Get all the dogs from the neighborhood together and you and your dog can take up the challenge against the other dogs and their owners. Who will win? The answer is only a day of fun and games away! You can even offer a price to the top competitor if you like.

9.    Have a doggie birthday party. If your dog likes to be around other dogs, the summertime is a great time to get your dog and his or her pals together for a puppy party. Bake a doggie cake or some homemade biscuits or pick up a couple boxes of your pet’s favorite treats. You can play doggie party games, like fetch, ring toss, and tug of war. You can have a great time watching the dogs enjoy all the fun at their doggie birthday party.

10.    Take a nap together outside in the sun. Most dogs tend to like relaxing as much as their human companions. Play together or explore together for a little while and then take a nice, rewarding nap outside. If you don’t have a fenced yard, just be sure your puppy pal has a leash or chain to be secure and safe while you both nap.

If you have any other suggestions for active and fun things to do with your pet, please share them in our comments.

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