Unique Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas – Cute and Creative Cakes for Any Occasion

For an adorable and edible baby shower centerpiece idea, consider cute and creative cakes or cupcakes. You can order (or make!) super cute baby shower centerpieces with cakes or cupcakes in the colors, shapes, and themes of your baby shower party. You can even inspire guests to decorate their own cupcakes with a special kit designed and available for just this kind of special occasion.

As you search for the perfect unique baby shower centerpiece idea, you can take things in a number of different directions. Using cakes, mini cakes, or cupcakes as baby shower centerpieces, you can offer a cute and adorable theme for each table while also providing a special treat for all the guests at each table.

Baby Shower Cake Centerpiece by Kelly Delaney / Cakes for Occasions (Photo courtesy of Cakes for Occasions / Kelly Delaney)Cakes for Occasions creates mini cake centerpieces that can be given away as a party favor / prize from a game or served as a dessert to save money on the total baby shower budget. Cakes for Occasions also offers a cute baby shower centerpiece idea using a tier of cupcakes that allows each guest to enjoy or take home one or two cupcakes.

“At Cakes for Occasions, we can create gorgeous centerpiece ‘mini’ cakes that are pretty to look at and also perform double duty when served as dessert,” says owner Kelly Delaney. “We can even create an edible ‘flowerpot’ to eliminate the need for an arrangement.”

Another specialty cake baker, Tasha Festel has created a number of unique and adorable baby shower cakes to serve as both dessert and creative centerpieces. On the baby shower section of her Web site, you can find adorable baby shower cake centerpieces she’s created, such as a Diaper Cake (completely edible!), Two Peas in a Pod, and a Rainbow Cake, among others. She’s also recently completed a Dr. Seuss cake featuring the Cat In the Hat and Red Fish/Blue Fish combo, as well as a giraffe diaper bag themed cake.

“I’ve also done some cupcakes that have been served at baby showers and put on cupcake trees as centerpieces,” says Festel, citing rattle cupcakes and Bees and Blossoms.

“Another fun thing I’ve done for baby showers is a Cupcake Kit,” she adds. “I have one specific for baby showers that’s called a Nesting Kit. This gives the guests a fun game as well as a yummy cupcake. It can also be a favor for the guests to take home. People love this – there aren’t that many opportunities for adults to do these kids of crafts. They’re always reserved for kids!”

Cakes and cupcakes make lovely and memorable, edible centerpiece ideas for baby showers, among other special events. Consider ordering a special set of cake or cupcake centerpieces or put your own culinary and decorating skills to the test to create an adorable baby shower centerpiece. Your guests will love the look and the “taste” of your creative baby shower centerpieces!

About the Experts:
Kelly Delaney is the owner of Cakes for Occasions, located in Danvers on the north shore of Boston. Visit Cakes for Occasions online or order products at www.cakes4occasions.com and www.shopcakes4occasions.com.

Tasha Festel is a member of Ladies Who Launch and owner of Hillside Cakes. Visit Hillside Cakes or order products online at www.hillsidecakes.com.

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