Hot Colors and Makeup Trends for Eyes, Lips, Cheeks, and Skin for Summer 2009 and Beyond

If you want a sexy look for summer, check out the runways and fashion magazines to discover the latest looks. You can also find the hottest new makeup trends and hot colors for eyes, lips, cheeks, and more for the summer of 2009 on the shelves of your favorite beauty supply store and the pages of your favorite brand’s Web site.

To learn about the hot colors and makeup trends for eyes, lips, cheeks, and skin for this summer of 2009, consider the tips and suggestions from professional makeup artists and other experts in the beauty world, listed below. No matter if you want to know the latest trends in eye makeup for the summer, or how to perfect your pout, or how to give your face a natural and healthy glow, you’ll find great suggestions to enhance your look for the summer.

Many beauty experts agree that the hottest look for summer 2009 is a natural look. Show off a radiant glow with as little cover-up as possible and play up your best features. The beauty pros agree that playing up your eyes typically means your lips should take on a more subtle look, and on the flip, putting the emphasis on your lips means you should probably downplay the intensity of your eyes.

“Beach make-up should be minimal, fun, protective and waterproof without sacrificing color and glamour,” says celebrity makeup artist Belinda Moss, who has applied makeup for some of the hottest celebrities, including Beyoncé, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria, and Giselle Bundchen.

Whether you want to go for a natural look or a more dramatic look this summer, consider these makeup tips and trends for summer 2009.

Makeup and skincare trends for summer 2009 have a lot to do with protecting your skin from the sun and preventing oily skin from taking over your face. From bronzer to blush, beauty experts offer wonderful tips on summer skincare and makeup trends for your skin, as well as recommendations for products to help you achieve the desired look.

Keeping skin spot free is definitely IN and so is VERTERE Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF 15.  This is the first and only skin care brand created to simultaneously improve the appearance of adult acne, signs of aging and hyperpigmentation all while shielding your skin from UVA/UVB damage.
– Kelly Miron (makeup artist and owner, The Powder Room Makeup Oasis & Boutique)

Keeping oily skin in check is in!  A light dusting of Girlactik Mineral Face Powder will keep the shine away without a cakey build-up.  All natural, healthy minerals also keep the bacteria in check so you’ll have fewer break-outs.
– Kelly Miron

Lighten Up: With the summer heat, it’s best to avoid heavy concealers or foundations that you’ll sweat off. “Opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF, which is ideal for almost any skin type or a face powder,” says Moss. “When using the face powder, apply with a brush to achieve a natural-looking finish.”
– Belinda Moss

Switch to powder, use brushes, and blot as needed. You might want to switch from cream or liquid foundations to powders to even out the skin tone in summer time. Use small amounts of concealer after cream blush and set it all with powder. Using brushes will help you not put too much on and give you better results. If needed, keep blotting papers with you to refresh during the day.
– Nives Riddles (internationally acclaimed, award winning make-up artist and eyebrow expert)

Powder bronzers are taking a vacation this summer since rosy cheeks are back in town.  Get the look with Summer Glow Mineral Blush from VOX Cosmetics.  Instead of a powder bronzer, get a soft bronze glow all over your face with a see-through gel like Bronze Ultra Sheer from Face Atelier.
– Kelly Miron

Natural Flush: Blush should be used to contour the cheeks or to create a natural flush. “When contouring the cheeks, choose peachy and pink colors and lightly sweep across the apples of the cheeks only,” says Moss. “If you’re looking to contour your cheeks, use a mocha shade or bronzer along your jaw line and the hollow of the cheek.”
– Belinda Moss

The hottest looks for summer 2009 are not difficult to create at home with the right instruction. You can rock out with smudged eyes or a sexy smooch that you yourself create at home. From bold to neutral and everything in between, consider these summer makeup tips and trends for sexy, intense eyes and kissable lips.

Smudged eyes are the hottest look now.  Use a soft eye pencil and line inside your lids then blink a few times and smudge with a smudging sponge, brush or your finger.  A great product to use to achieve this look is Kevyn Aucoin’s Basic Black, Brown or Plum Eye Pencils that include a smudging sponge on the end.
– Kelly Miron

“Twilight” is so IN!  Create your summer “Twilight’ look with Girlactik Star Gloss in Bella for your lips and Girlactik Waterproof Eye Glaze in Love and Night for your eyes.  Looks so great with the smudged eye!
– Kelly Miron

Be Bold: A great way to brighten up your look is to add some color. “Try using colored mascara in bright blues and burgundies,” Moss says. “Remember when using bright colors, a lot goes a long way, and keep the rest of the face neutral to avoid looking overdone.”
– Belinda Moss

Switch to sweat-proof eyeliners and mascaras! Waterproof products still leave you with smudgy corners in the summer heat. Great ones are by Blinc Inc. and Dianne Brill Night and Day Mascara. Keep it simple with eye shadows. Choose one color only, any pretty light pastel colors will look beautiful (peach, lavender, mint). Try out some mat finish eye shadows too.
– Nives Riddles

Natural looking brows will never go out of style. Use clear brow gel to brush, lift and hold them. If the hairs are long, trim them carefully following the brow line.
– Nives Riddles

Apply fresh tone or nude color lip liner on the upper lip while you keep your lips together, no smile. This way you can see if the line is going where you would want it to enhance you r natural lips. On the lower lip its better to smile and apply the liner along the lip line as well as dab with your finger starting from the center bit of lipstick color. Dabbing the lipstick will keep your lips looking natural and lipstick sheer.  I suggest going for mat textures and berry colors.
– Nives Riddles

Go Nude: Pale and nude lips are popular again this summer along with wearing lip gloss. “You can achieve this look by outlining lips with nude lip liner along with filling in the rest of the lips,” says Moss. “After applying the lip liner, put on Softlips sheer lip conditioning balm with SPF 20 to help condition your lips and protect them from sun damage. And if you’re looking for a little shine, apply your favorite lip gloss over the lip balm.”
– Belinda Moss

A Hint of Color: If you’re looking for light, long-wearing lip color that also offers protection, Softlips Tinted Lip Conditioners with SPF 15 in rose, bronze, and pearl are an easy way to add color without overdoing makeup at the beach.
– Belinda Moss

About the Experts:
Kelly Miron is a makeup artist and owner of The Powder Room Makeup Oasis & Boutique.

Belinda Moss is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked on many big stars such as Beyoncé, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria and Giselle Bundchen.

Nives Riddles is
an internationally acclaimed, award winning make-up artist and eyebrow expert who calls Rescue Rittenhouse Spa her home base. For more information, please see and

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