Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom Makeup Trends for At-Home or Professional Makeup Application

Getting your makeup done professionally or doing your makeup for a special wedding can be an enjoyable experience, but it definitely helps if you go into it knowing how you want your makeup to look. If you aren’t entirely sure how you want your makeup done for your son’s or daughter’s wedding, you might consider following the latest makeup trends for mother of the bride and mother of the groom.

Makeup trends change on a fairly regular basis, sometimes even with the seasons. Some makeup trends tend to stick around for a while, like the smoky eye look, although that may not be appropriate for your son’s or daughter’s wedding. If you want to find dashing and glamorous mother of the bride and mother of the groom makeup trends and styles, consider checking out magazines for photos of mature celebrities that you admire as a good place to start. You can also consult your hairstylist for additional ideas.

To learn about some of the makeup tips and trends for mother of the bride (MOB) and mother of the groom (MOG), read on. Makeup Artist Vanessa Elese shares the following answers to our burning questions about makeup trends and tips for the bride’s mother and groom’s mother.

Q. – Life Love Beauty:  What makeup color trends would be good for mother of the bride and mother of the groom? Should they match, complement, or accent their wedding attire, go with a look based on skin tone, etc.?

A. – Vanessa Elese: When you are looking at what colors to wear for the big day, focus not only on your skin tone, but also a look that will represent sophistication, your personality, as well as timeless beauty.  Essentially for mother’s of the bride / groom, focus on colors that complement your skin tone as well as enhance your eye color. A tried and true color trio can be seen with the bronzes, pinks, and earthy tones, which are certainly very popular and were all over the red carpets and runways this year. You can achieve a similar glamorous look with earthy tones then choose a plum or deep navy liner to complement your eyes and make them truly sparkle in the pictures.

Something to keep in mind… When looking for eye shadows, try Chanel’s Eye Shadow Quads in “Sequoia” or “Dune” – great complements of pinks, browns, and golds. Be sure when wearing eye shadow that you balance shimmer with flat colors. Too much shimmer can detract from your gorgeous eyes. Try a slight shimmer on the very inner part of the lid to awaken the eyes and use flat silky hues to add definition.

Skin tone: My true belief is to accent, rather than hide. For skin, start with a primer, to help hold your makeup for the long day ahead. Try: Smashbox’s “Photo Finish” Foundation primer with Dermaxyl Complex. This primer helps fill in fine lines and pores and allows makeup to apply flawlessly, ensuring continuous wear.  Also, you can try the Bodyography “Veil Foundation Primer,” which acts in the same way, but also contains antioxidants while helping to repair and prevent premature aging.

Next, make sure your concealer and foundations truly are your shade. There’s nothing worse than cakey makeup showing up in naturally lit photos. Your color should blend seamlessly without notice.

Q. – Life Love Beauty:  What kinds of makeup are important for the bride’s mother or groom’s mother if planning to do their makeup at home?

A. – Vanessa Elese:
Today is a very proud day, presenting either your daughter or son. Make sure your makeup complements rather than detracts. Your true beauty will shine through with these simple steps.

1.    First, apply a primer for lasting and restorative results.
2.    Spot cover any blemishes or marks, then assess whether a full foundation is necessary. Oftentimes a little foundation applied with a damp sponge will allow all flaws to be concealed and with seamless radiance showing through.
3.    Choose a lipstick that is along the peachy/rose tones. These tones will add the amount of color desired without looking garish.

Q. – Life Love Beauty:  What tips do you have for mothers who want to get their makeup professionally done on their child’s wedding day?

A. – Vanessa Elese: When looking for a makeup artist, make sure your concerns and ideas are thoughtfully addressed. Also, your artist will be present while your photographer is taking pre-ceremony pictures and can be hired throughout for touchups. Be mindful of appearance and professionalism.  With that in mind, consider price, but do not hesitate to spend for a true professional. Remember, these pictures and memories will be those you cherish for your lifetime. Cutting corners can often lead to more drama on your day than what you anticipate. A makeup artist’s job is to not only provide a flawless result and boost confidence, but also soothe their clients with reassurance that all the planning, time, and investment is well spent.

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