Top 10 Summer or Warm Weather Adventure Date Ideas

Summertime offers the perfect excuse to try exciting new things and explore new adventures while enjoying the warm weather. Summer adventure dates can be lots of fun for couples or for double dates and group dates. Depending on your preference, you can plan a summer or warm weather adventure date with your significant other and your closest friends for an unforgettable and exciting summer activity.

If you and your sweetheart or new love interest (or group of friends) are seeking an unforgettable summer adventure date, you can first narrow down your options by deciding if you want to stay dry or get wet. Determining if you want to plan a water adventure date or an adventurous date on land can make a big difference in the planning of your date.

Begin planning your summer or warm weather adventure date by first thinking of all the adventurous date ideas you can try. Here are our top 10 summer or warm weather adventure date ideas for you to try:

1.    Whitewater rafting or tubing – Few warm weather outdoor activities happen to be as exhilarating as whitewater rafting, where you and your group are at the mercy of the rapids in your chosen river. If whitewater rafting is a bit too adventurous of a date for you, consider tubing down a river instead. Check with the park office or other authority in charge of the river before planning this date, just to make sure your desired river is safe for tubing. The Delaware River in Pennsylvania is one such river that is great for tubing!

2.    Scuba diving or snorkeling
– While scuba diving and snorkeling typically require you to be along the coast or on a tropical island or coastal vacation, you can surely build in a snorkeling or diving trip into an existing trip to an appropriate location. Diving and snorkeling truly embody a fun sense of adventure and excitement for your adventurous warm weather or summertime date.

3.    Overnight fishing trip
– If you and your significant other enjoy fishing in general, why not kick things up a notch and go out on a deep sea fishing adventure on an overnight angling excursion. Bluefish are a classic catch for these overnight fishing treks and hooking into a bluefish holds an excitement all its own. If you are feeling extra adventurous on your date, place a wager as to who will catch the biggest fish or the most fish on the overnight fishing trip.

4.    Parasailing – Parasailing may be a fun and relaxing yet exhilarating date adventure, as long as you aren’t afraid of heights or water. You can take turns going single parasailing and take pictures of each other in the air, or for a more romantic date adventure, find a location like Key West that offers tandem parasailing!

5.    Surfing or windsurfing
– If your athletic urges are going strong, consider surfing or windsurfing as an exciting adventure date. If you and/or your partner aren’t familiar with the ways of surfing or windsurfing, look for a workshop or an instructor that can give you all the guidance you need to get started. If you can’t find a class or don’t want to bother with lessons, opt for the easier, yet still exciting water adventure – and grab a boogie board!

6.    Sailing – Sailing on the open sea or in a serene lake makes for a truly romantic adventure date that is still exciting and enjoyable on many levels. Whether you sail a Sunfish sailboat or a catamaran, your warm weather date adventure will be a memorable one. Bring a picnic lunch and don’t be surprised if your date tosses you in the water for a refreshing dip!

7.    Kayaking – For a bit of an active date adventure, try kayaking in a lake or stream. You can try sea kayaking, too, but this might be best left for the more experienced kayakers. Kayaking together with your date gives you both a workout as well as an exciting tour of the nature around you.

8.    Waterskiing or wakeboarding – Put your leg muscles and your balance to the test with a fun date of waterskiing or wakeboarding. If you have access to a lake and a ski boat, let the games begin. Enjoy an exciting and adventurous date on the water on a nice, sunny summer day.

9.    Hiking – Perhaps water sports aren’t your thing. If this is the case, consider going on an adventurous hike with your sweetheart. Choose a trail that offers breath-taking views, a challenging climb, or a picnic spot at the pinnacle. You can bring a picnic lunch in a backpack along with some water, bug spray, and other necessities.

10.    Controlled thrills – Visit an amusement park, carnival, or boardwalk with rides and games and all the junk food you can imagine. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel or the roller coasters. Challenge your significant other to a competition at one of the game booths and don’t forget to enjoy some funnel cake.

Whatever you decide to do for your exciting adventure date with your sweetheart in the warm summer weather, make sure you take a few pictures to document and remember the experience. An adventure date typically arouses thrills and chills, so be prepared for anything at all. Take caution on any potentially dangerous situations, and most importantly, have a great time!

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