Summer Make-up Review: Lacura Cosmetics launching at ALDI

Aldi - Lacura Cosmetics

What if I told you that you can purchase popular cosmetics for less than $4.00 per item? What if I told you that each item was of the highest quality & available at ALDI’s across 30 states? Would you believe me?

I was just introduced to Lacura Skincare and cosmetics the other day and I am astounded by the quality of their products; not to mention the sleek, impressive, shiny packaging that each item was presented in.

Lacura Cosmetics can be purchased for just $1.99 to $3.99 per item. Each item is comparable to (if not better than) those $12-$13.00 products normally bought at a department store. That’s up to 75% less than what you might be spending now!

Lacura was developed by German skincare specialists and are made with the same top quality ingredients found in most expensive labels, but they don’t share the same price tag. The best part is…ALDI (a select assortment discount grocer) is introducing the Lacura cosmetic collection in stores across 30 states in the country…talk about a great deal available right at your fingertips!

Aldi - Lacura CosmeticsI was happily gifted with 2 eye-shadow compacts;  801 Velvet Rose and the 21 Opal shades, 1 Mascara; Volumizing in Black, 1 lipstick; 200 Cool Sand, and 1 nail polish; 200 Cool Sand. Every single item was beautifully packaged in stunning lids and cases. I became excited the minute I received the box and, well, it was all I could do to get some pictures of these items before I ripped into them.

Once I accomplished the obvious (ripping into the packaging), it was off to trying these wonderful products out. I felt great! It didn’t feel or look like I was coated with too much color. The eye shadow shades had a soft shimmer to them, so when applied- it shined. I had the same result from the mascara, nail color and lipstick. The colors were soft yet vibrant. The mascara was light-weight and showed no signs of clumps. The lip color was soft enough to see shine and color but not so soft that you couldn’t tell I was wearing any. I even found that after a day’s worth of wear, I still managed to hold that freshly “just applied” look. My nails have gone chip free also without losing its luster or shine, and that’s without a base or top coat.

Overall, the experience was great! The cosmetics are wonderful and I recommend these cosmetics to even the savviest of shoppers.

What you can find at your nearest ALDI:

Aldi - Lacura CosmeticsEYE SHADOW: assortment of four eye shadows, each sells for $3.99:
o        101 Cocoa
o        801 Velvet Rose
o        302 Lilac Lady
o        21 Opal

MASCARA: Assortment of two mascaras, each sells for $3.99:
o        Waterproof in Black
o        Volumizing in Black

FOUNDATION: Assortment of four foundations, each sells for $3.99:
o        10 Translucent
o        20 Beige
o        30 Sun
o        40 Bronze

COMPACT POWDER/BRUSHES: Assortment of three compact powder/brushes, each sells for $3.99:
o        10 Translucent
o        20 Beige
o        30 Sun
o        76 Sunset Blush

LIPSTICKS: Assortment of five lipsticks, each sells for $3.99:
o        100 Coral
o        200 Cool Sand
o        301 Red Velvet
o        402 Deep Red
o        503 Truffle

NAIL POLISHES: Assortment of six nail polishes, each sells for $1.99:
o        104 Rum Raisin
o        300 Sweet Pink
o        402 Cherry Red
o        405 Classic Red
o        406 Salsa Red
o        800 Clear Base & Top Coat

Aldi - Lacura Cosmetics

ALDI is simply; a leader in the international grocery retailing industry. They began in the United States in 1976 and today, there are more than 1,000 U.S. ALDI stores (primarily from Kansas to the East Coast). ALDI was also named 2009 Retailer of the Year by PL Buyer. They sell more than 1,400 of the most frequently purchased grocery and household items and help save customers up to 50 percent on their grocery bill through their select assortment of discount grocery practices. For more information on ALDI, go to

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