22 Adult Party Themes and Ideas for Parties, Birthdays, and Social Events for Grown-ups

Just because you aren’t in college anymore doesn’t mean you can’t still party like you’re a coed! From a tasteful wine and cheese party to reliving the keggers of your youth, consider these 22 adult party themes and ideas for grown-up gatherings. You can take it to the extreme or keep things classy and casual.

Read on for different party ideas for adults, perfect for birthday parties, social gatherings, and more.

Classy Adult Party Theme Ideas
–    Casino Party
–    Murder Mystery Party
–    Wine and Cheese Party
–    Christmas in July
–    Garden Party – Set up a nice garden grove area and serve iced tea and sandwiches or other light fare.

Wild and Crazy Adult Party Theme Ideas – aka: Drinking Party Themes
–    Guest Bartender Party
–    Keg Party
–    Beer Olympics

Food Centric Adult Party Themes
–    Deep-Fry Party – As long as you have a deep-fryer and cooking oil, you are set. Ask each guest to bring something you can deep fry – Oreos, pickles, potatoes, chicken – you name it.
–    Clam Bake
–    Crab Boil
–    Shrimp Boil
–    Cultural Party – Pick one theme for your food and do a potluck, or tell your guests that all countries and ethnic or cultural food is fair game. Have each guest bring something that fits the theme.
–    Potluck

Music Related Party Themes
–    Reggae Party
–    Island Party / Luau
–    Punk Rock Party

Adult Costume Party Ideas – Great for Adult Halloween Parties!
–    Costume Party
–    Dead Celebrities Party – Guests dress up like their favorite late celebrity.
–    Look-alike Party

Retro and Throwback Adult Party Ideas
–    Blast from the Past Party – Give guests a range of decades and let them pick their favorite.
–    Decade Party – Pick a decade – like the 1980s – and ask guests to dress like the time.

No matter what you decide, we hope you have a great time. Remember, if you partake in alcohol, make sure you have a designated driver and please drink responsibly.

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