Top 10 Fun, Exciting, and Romantic Fall Date Ideas

Fall offers a lovely backdrop of color that can best be enjoyed outside and in the arms of the one you love. For a perfect fall date idea, consider the following top 10 fun and exciting fall dates. You can enjoy a romantic afternoon, a thrilling evening, or anything in between. You can invite your friends along for a fun fall double date or keep your sweetheart all to yourself for a romantic autumn date.

1.    Go apple picking. There’s nothing quite like the taste and smell of fresh-picked fall apples. Pick and purchase a basket full and take them home to make delicious treats like homemade apple pie, candy apples, sliced apples and more.

2.    Go pumpkin picking at the pumpkin patch. Once you’ve found the perfect pumpkins, take them home and carve them to perfection.


3.    Find your way through a corn maze.
Give your body a gentle autumn workout while giving your mind a challenging task. Work together as a team with your sweetheart to find the end of the maze.

4.    Go on a haunted hay ride or visit a “haunted house.” With Halloween falling in the end of October, a fun and exciting fall date may just involve the headless horseman, a mummy, and countless other goblins and ghouls to make you jump out of your skin and into your sweetheart’s arms.

5.    Take a trip to enjoy the fall foliage.
No matter where you go in the northern part of the country – mountain, lakeside, highway, back roads – you are sure to find a lovely display of fall color. This makes for a remarkable and romantic fall date idea. Bring along your camera so you can capture some of the natural beauty and wonder of the changing leaves.

6.    Spend a few moments raking up the leaves in your yard and then jump in them together. You can play wrestle and have a lot of fun rolling around in the leaves. Rest, relax, and enjoy being in each others’ arms – all the simplest components of a romantic autumn date.

7.    Go on a horseback ride.
With fair weather and a colorful backdrop, horseback riding makes a fun and exciting fall date idea for sure. Find a ranch near your home and visit for a half-day horseback excursion.

8.    Plan a romantic fall picnic. Pack tasty fall treats like apple slices with caramel dip. The two of you can enjoy the lovely fall weather and then find shapes in the clouds together.

9.    Go for a hike. If the weather isn’t bitter cold yet, you can really take the time to enjoy all the sights and sounds of Mother Nature. In this fun fall date idea, you get to exercise together with the added bonus of pretty fall colors all around.

10.    Attend a fun fall festival in your area, or travel to an enticing one nearby.
Many times you can find individual towns hosting fall events and festivals, or sometimes larger groups organize outdoor concerts or other attractions. You can have a lot of fun at a fall festival or state fair, not to mention an outdoor concert or other attraction.

Tip: You can look online for a corn maze, pumpkin patch, apple orchard, haunted hayride, fall festival, and other fun fall attractions near you.

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