“Best of Beauty” Spring and Summer 2009: Bath Salts, Bubble Bath, and Bath Essences

For a glimpse of some of the spring and summer’s hottest bath goodies, check out this guide to bath salts, bubble bath, and bath essences. You can find a fine selection of relaxing products to pamper yourself. Drift away from the stress of the day and relax and enjoy your peace of mind with these delightful bath goodies.

AHAVA Revival Bath Salts in Mandarin-Cedarwood

Sean John “Unforgivable” Bubble Bath for Women

Designed with the pampering of women in mind, Sean John “Unforgivable” Bubble Bath for Women is an excellent bath product that offers both luxury and style. This delightfully bubbly concoction comes in a classy container designed like an elegant bottle of champagne. It is the finest of bubble bath products for the finest of creatures, woman. From its black and gold label to its cork-like top, “Unforgivable” hints at romance and enjoyable pleasures much like the real thing.

As the aromatic scent of Sean John “Unforgivable” Bubble Bath for Women wafted up from the depths of a lightly steaming bath to envelop me in an alluring aura of relaxation and contentment, I was instantly pleased.

The crisp sound when uncapping the bottle offered an instantaneous tingling of my senses as it foretold even greater experiences to come. My expectations were exceeded as I discovered that I did indeed like this particular brand of bubble bath. It appears Sean John Fragrances had done their homework correctly and concocted a sinfully delicious product for pleasuring the olfactory senses along with the bodily ones.

Immersed in sensual gratification, I am instantly reminded of the pleasures that being a woman involves each time I use this product. The delightfully cool scented blend of Lavender, Grapefruit, Italian Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon, Juniper, Clary Sage, and Moroccan Tangerine is perfect, tingly, charming, and enrapturing all at once.

If you try this product, you might discover that it wraps you in a mood of sexiness that unleashes your inner vixen. Try it today and treat yourself to a refreshing, invigorating, and relaxing bath.

SOTHYS Aroma-Sothys Energizing Bath Essences

SOTHYS Aroma-Sothys Energizing bath essencesSOTHYS Aroma-Sothys Energizing bath essences offer a delightful experience of scented bliss in a warm bath environment. Packaged in an attractive box styled in a fading pattern of delicate green with a bold white line featuring the recognizable name of “Sothys” in gold, these delightfully effervescent bath pebbles are a true luxury.

I always enjoy products made in France simply because that’s where they are made. The truth of the matter is that I also really do love the tingling sensation that I get with these energizing bath essences that come in a crisp, clean shade of green.

Some might say that it’s the simple pleasure of taking a hot bath and relaxing that makes me believe these bath pebbles are superior. While it might be true that a bath by any other name is still a bath and will still provide a wonderful rejuvenating experience, I must insist upon the fact that by far, SOTHYS Aroma-Sothys Energizing bath essences is superior to all other products that I have personally tried to date.

If you are wondering just how many products that could be, I’ll let you in on a little secret- the answer to that question is “hundreds.” Whether the bath is one laced with fragrant oils or sizzling with aromatic salts or simply topped with a frothing display of bubbles, I have been in many and have come out with a wide array of instantaneous results.

Today, I treated myself to a mid-morning luxury. I indulged in a bath fragrantly transformed with SOTHYS Aroma-Sothys Energizing bath essences. As I opened one of the individually wrapped tablets, I was instantly struck with the high quality perfumed aroma. Instead of being struck with a cheap fragrance that is so common with certain bath products, my nose met with a strong wisp of a very distinctive scent. I was intrigued, pleased, and delighted all at once. My nose told me that I was about to be pleasantly surprised with the end result and it was correct.

Not only was the bath relaxing, but it was rejuvenating to a point of ebullient energy. I felt like a new woman and smelled pretty too! Okay, enough with the cutesy stuff. I highly recommend this particular bath product to each and every woman or girl reading this. It offers a delightful blend of ingredients including eucalyptus, cardamom, neroli, nutmeg, and thyme.

SOTHYS Aroma-Sothys Energizing bath essences are sold in an attractive green and white box containing ten effervescent pebbles weighing a generous 0.88 ounces each.

AHAVA Revival Bath Salts in Mandarin-Cedarwood

AHAVA Revival Bath Salts are featured in a delicate combination of mandarin and cedarwood fragrances. Packaged in an attractive lime-green/clear container holding 17.5 ounces of scented white crystals, AHAVA’s revival bath salts are the perfect solution to chase away those feelings of tiredness or achy muscles.

Culled from the Dead Seas and carefully scented to provide an instantaneous uplifting effect, this product is a new favorite of mine. I love the way that its fresh fragrance zings my nostrils as I take a whiff from the open container.

AHAVA Revival Bath Salts in Mandarin-CedarwoodNext, I loved luxuriating in its delightfully scented fragrance as it wafted up from the warm waters as I lowered myself in for a nice relaxing soak. With a delicate touch of mandarin and the zing of cedarwood, AHAVA has the perfect combination to relax and revitalize.

The mineral rich salts provide the added bonus of softening my skin as I soak in a bath laced with their invigorating presence. Plus, as my skin softens, its moisture balance is renewed to a better level.

I could feel the tension in my muscles ease as I relaxed in my warm bath, which is great since I have one of those uptight personalities that rarely lets me relax. You know the type- always multi-tasking or having trouble falling asleep thinking about all the tasks left to be done.

I can recommend that if you try AHAVA Revival Bath Salts Mandarin-Cedarwood, you won’t be disappointed.

AHAVA Body Sorbet Caress in Mandarin-Cedarwood

AHAVA Body Sorbet CaressAHAVA Body Sorbet Caress is featured in a mandarin-cedarwood fragrance combination. This body cream-gel is the perfect finishing touch for your skin after a nice long soak in a warm bath laced with AHAVA Revival Bath Salts also fragranced with a mandarin-cedarwood scent. One of the facets to this product that I particularly like is that it is mellow and somewhere in between a thick body cream and a light get. It’s like having the best of both worlds without missing out on any of the benefits.

Since AHAVA uses Dead Sea minerals, chamomile extract, and Aloe Vera leaf juice, this is a healthy product for my skin. It’s rich in both Vitamins E and B5 so it provides an immediate moisturizing effect. It is soothing to the touch and smoothing to the skin. Plus, its ingredients help to fight against free radicals. What more could a gal ask for?

It is definitely not overpowering like oh so many other lotions and body creams. Plus, it doesn’t leave an oily residue that makes me have to resist the urge to wash my hands immediately after applying it. It’s just something nice to use when stepping out of the shower or bath. Plus, its delicate nature makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Attractively packaged in an eye-catching lime-green/clear container holding 12.3 fluid ounces of freshly-scented body cream, AHAVA’s Body Sorbet Caress offers a refreshing, natural scent. Subtle, clean, and neutral in fragrance, it offers a truly nice bouquet that offers an option for men to use this product as well.

I can recommend that if you try AHAVA Body Sorbet Caress in Mandarin-Cedarwood, you won’t be disappointed. It practically melts into my skin when I use it. Find out for yourself and get some today!

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