Hassle Free Dressing

Trying on your outfits and putting on your makeup should not be a ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ event every single day or night.  You should not have to try on three different skirt and blouse combinations before you come to terms with what you are going to wear.  Nor should you have to pull out three different shades of lipstick before you get the right shade.

Life has enough twists and turns in it without adding our own.  Perhaps the difficulty comes from having to actually think about what it is that we are going to wear, how others will view us in the outfit, how we will feel wearing it, and exactly what the outfit says about us.  As a young child, all we probably thought about was whether the shirt was the right color i.e. the color we liked.

Here are a few handy tips for creating a hassle free dressing engagement:

•    Lay your clothes out the previous evening.  If your choice does not look good, you’ll know ahead of time.

•    Rotate your clothes that are in the closet from right to left.  That is, once you have worn an outfit, and it has been laundered, place it to the far right side of your closet.  This will help you to keep track of what you have already worn.

•    Remove clothing that is too small or too large for you.

•    Have several articles of clothing on hand that allow you to layer.  In this way, rather than waste time trying to decide if something will be too warm, or not warm enough, you can simply layer an outfit that allows you to shed extra weight or add it on top.

•    Keep your wardrobe versatile.  Purchase several separates that you can mix and match.  Have a few blazers, lightweight jackets, and sweaters on hand.

•    Keep part of your wardrobe basic.  Neutral and basic colors lend themselves to easy use and flexibility.  They go with anything.

•    Remember to purchase your lingerie in colors that will not show through your outfits.  In fact, a variety of colors is probably your best bet.

•    Don’t forget to acquire accessories with versatility, durability, and style.

•    Assemble a selection of footwear that is durable, stylish, and versatile.

•    Be aware of the colors that you wear well and keep them on hand.  This rule of thumb is for both clothing and make-up.

A good wardrobe is like a good pantry—well stocked.  Just like a well stocked pantry has a few staples: sugar, salt, and coffee, a well-stocked wardrobe has a few staples: basics, reversibles, and a few versatile articles of clothing.

So, keep your head out of fairytale land, be happy with what you have, and mix it up!

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